The Square Rigger gap between Britain and France

The Square Rigger gap between Britain and France

As no doubt many of you know, the French 32 gun frigate L'Hermione broke out of Rochefort
on the 18th April. While the Royal Navy were otherwise engaged - seeing off yet another
incursion through the English Channel by the Russian Navy - this time by the Russian
destroyer Severomorsk.

The L'Hermione, a 32 gun Concorde class frigate, set sail on her maiden voyage, to give succour
to the American colonisats under the command of General Washington in Yorktown, Virginia.
No doubt many regulars on this forum will be alarmed to see 'the French - lose on the
High Seas' and without a Nelson, Hornblower or a Captain Jack Aubrey in hot pursuit to lay
in a broadside on the French upstart.

Of course this raises some serious questions, over the ability of the British to close the Square
Rigger gap between herself and other European nations - who have been quitely engaged on
Square Rigger building program with which to challenge Britain's supremacy on the High Seas
in The Age of Sail.

The French are Coming - French frigate sets sail for America

French frigate - L'Hermione leaving port

French frigate L'Hermione sets sail for America

How it should be - with the Royal Navy in hot pursuit
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