The Special Relationship

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. Is the so called specail relationship strained in light of the recent comments made by General Sir Mike Jackson, the head of the British army during the invasion of Iraq, he has criticised the United States and in particular Donald Rumsfeld for the way the country was handled after the invasion.
  2. Add to that, the fact that the senior US generals are openly criticising Brit policy to hand over to the Iraqi's
  3. Bush's poodle Blair has gone praise your Lord and Gordon has his own agenda where Iraq is concerned. It does look like our forces will be out of that shit -hole sooner rather than later and the US military can whine all they like. After all it is common knowledge that there were no adequate plans for reconstruction after Saddam had been ousted and the US are to blame, tough shit if they cannot handle the truth.
  4. Pity that the General did`nt come out with those remarks before it all started, still anything goes to sell a book.
  5. True and that could be seen as a lack of moral courage.
  6. Concure with what you say. Why don't these buggers have the Balls to say it whilst they HAD some CLOUT.. No good mouning now :rambo: :rambo:

    Anyone going to buy the Book then?
  7. A few Iraqi's might. They like to burn effigies and such like out there.
  8. The so called "Special Relationship" survived The Suez Crisis, Vietnam when we would not play, Unbridled support for the IRA and its ilk by US Politicians, Public, Judiciary and various other rows of finance, the current rows of the one way extradition agreement, failure for blue on blue witnesses to give evidence etc. I have no doubt until the British Public embrace Europe and thats many years away if ever then the relationship will continue in one form or other.

  9. Well I like the yanks.They have got us out of the shit a few times.
  10. I don't think us Brits dislike Americans it's their administration that sickens many of us. I for one found that Blair’s toadying up to Bush left a foul taste in the mouth and I am delighted to see that Gordon is not of that ilk. Who knows I might even renew my party membership.

    As for getting us out of the shit, yes with their immense manpower and resources they did as did the Russians with horrific losses during WW11.
  11. Colin Powell came up with a full plan for the development of Irac post first hostilities but Rumsfeld chose to ignore it.
  12. Was under the impression that it was considered 'bad form' to 'shoot yer gob off' when actually serving or does that only apply if the subject suits YOUR view of the situation?
  13. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I think a guy who is largely held responsible for allowing the destruction of the British Army's regimental system (by the Army), was whilst in post seen as a political ass licker (by many) and now goes out of his way to be outspoken about things that were allowed to happen even whilst he was in post, just before his book is published! Deserves all the criticism he gets.
  14. Another Ex Maj General, Mike Cross, has now put his head above the parapet criticising the 'Cousins' (well Rumsfeld really) for lack of foresight etc etc. Perhaps this is the Army's way of handling recent Yank criticism of British commitment in the Basra region, those ecomments were made by General Jack Keane US Army (Retd).
    Anyone see a pattern developing here?.
  15. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I'm left wondering how the posters who feel General Jackson should have made his remarks before the invasion, think criticising the aftermath of the invasion can be achieved before the invasion has started.
  16. Don't fully understand you question Seadog?
  17. They may be being withdrawn from Iraq, but you can bet your last dollar (oops - I meant Pound!) that this Nu Liebour lot will have them into Afghanistan before they can let go of their kitbags.
  18. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    For you finknottle:

    General Jackson is being critcised in this thread for not making his remarks before the war kicked off. As his remarks are about the poor handling of the aftermath of the war, how in God's holy name could he have made them before the war?
  19. I take it then that Colin's plan didn't mention a job for Halliburton then and consequently no back handers for Donald? Oooh, did I say that out loud ? .... All in my honest opinion of course ... :)
  20. My my, here I am agreeing with you Seadog, I am sure the good General had no criticism of the plan to win the war, it worked pretty well and with a relatively low level of blue on blue for the septics too. The problem was the peace, and particularly the first 12 months when we should have been both getting the infrastructure working again, and making sure there was proper law and order. Even ifone of them had been achieved things would have ended up much better. The general reliance on occupying forces to try and enforce law and order for 12 to 18 months was the biggest mistake and every one is paying the cost for that now.

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