The special/essential relationship

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, May 25, 2011.

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  1. If we now have an essential relationship with the USA does it mean we have been upgraded or downgraded and if it is an upgrade are we now a Cocker Spaniel as opposed to a poodle?
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    The ever-changing sphere of semantics, Finks.

    Just as 'gay' has altered it's meaning over our lifetime, so too has the word 'special':

    ie 'Special Constables', 'Special needs', 'Special Olympics', etc.

    Ergo 'essential' in lieu of 'special' will just have to do for now; just until some minority or other assigns yet a totally different slant to that word, too.:glasses9:
  3. Personally I think we have been dumped as Netanyahu said yesterday when addressing congress that America is Israel's best friend and Israel is America's best friend. :sad10:
  4. That aside, France (inc meeting the G8 leaders) and Poland are yet to experience his presence.

    Ears cocked for his speeches yet to come......
  5. Looks slike we are all "special" in our own "special" way.

    There - everyone's special and happy now. Bull and bluster.
  6. Best not forget this one, the favourite tipple of the Dumbarton Debutantes.


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