The Spanish Civil War

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Lantern Swinger
I fear that some may be tiring of these sort of threads now, but I couldn't really resist starting my own, and I decided to select this little-mentioned piece of twentieth century world history because I believe that this war really defined the international attitudes of the time to two different and radical political agendas. But what about those same attitudes now? All I ask you to do, is imagine yourself as a Spaniard in 1936, about to take up arms to fight. But who do you fight for?

This was a brutal war, in which both sides were as cruel and inhumane as the other.

Before you cast your vote, if you don't know much about the sides involved in the civil war, then I've provided a link to the wikipedia article. I'm hoping that this will spur an intense debate for both parties, as we discuss which really is the lesser of the two 'evils': Communism or Fascism?

Edited because I forgot to add the link!


Lantern Swinger
A complex conflict with many factions making the sum of both parts.
the Anarchists being one such Republican element that made a significant input to the misery that endured.
Antony Beevor's 'The Spanish Civil War' is IMO the best read on the subject.
The choice was simple fight for Hitler or Stalin.

The only choice was not to fight but then things were much more black and white and most people were poorly informed by the existing media of the time.

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