The small fry crooked public servants

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. A former Portsmouth councillor has been jailed after he was caught taking a bribe.

    Jezz Baker, who was the Consertive member for Hilsea, was secretly filmed taking £500 to make sure a planning application was approved.

    He's been convicted of one charge of corruption at Winchester Crown Court, and cleared of another.

    Baker's been sentenced to a year in prison.

    He was cheap to buy don't you think?
  2. An excellent series to see is "Our Friends in the North". All about corruption in Local/National Government in the '60s.

    Harold Wilson's time, the 1964 election.

    It launched Daniel Craig on his acting career.

    I believe "Don't Look Back In Anger" by Oasis is the theme tune.

    Good series, based on historical fact.
  3. Perhaps thats why the current batch of politicians have not built or increased the size of prisons. After all if they are filled with local councillors and other convict types..... There won't be enough room for those who commit fraud and bribery on a grander scale. :wink:
    Edit to add That was a good series Streaky
  4. Streaky, excellent programme I used to wait eagerly for the next episode. Off topic I ken but 'Red Riding' shown recently was an excellent portrayal of some sections of the police force in the early 70's.
  5. I watched "Red Riding" and found it excellent, too, although very dark.
    It makes you wonder what kind of world we lived in, and are we still?
  6. I don't think much as changed and the big abuna in the sky must he thinking what a cock up I made of it.
  7. Sorry to sound cynical but in my opinion local politics is a "nest of vipers".Nothing is as straight as it appears.Your man at Hilsea was caught because it was blatant.Much business is done at a local level on a"you sctratch my back and I'll scratch yous basis".All politicians start out full of good intentions about how they'll benefit their electorate but quickly go native when they find out that being straight will get them nowhere.

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