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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by CheeseY, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. Hi, i'm a civvie and have no navy knowledge apart from what i've picked up reading wikipedia in the last month or so...

    I'm attempting to make an Invincible-class aircraft carrier for a computer game (yes, sad, i know) ..But like i say, no navy knowedge.. so im finding it quite hard, i mean.. its a big ship.

    So anyway, i was hoping i might be able to ask this question and get some 'inside-information'

    - The ski-ramp, the harriers use for STOVL, can it be operated to move up and down, or is it always 'up' in a ramp position.. It's just, i think i've seen some videos of the carrier deck, where there was no ramp. But i suppose it could have been an old video before it was fitted or another ship maybe?

    Also, does anyone know of anywhere it's possible to get blueprints of HMS Illustrious / Invincible/ Ark Royal... So far i have used - but they're not great.. infact, they're really small. making them pretty useless.

    cheers :rambo:
  2. Try Jane's Fighting Ships or any of their defence journals/publications, you can subscribe online.
  3. wow.. i might just have a look. for blueprints im guessing your suggesting off their site? - thanks

    if anyone knows about the ski-jump question, much appreciated :)
  4. The SKI-RAMP on a CVS is Static, if you really want to get in to the in's and out it has a Mess deck and a store inside it.
  5. damn pretty quick replies ;)

    not bad for 4am...
    hmpf, but im looking at this janes website.. just signed up for an account... god knows why considering they're asking for my phone number?

    but anyway... would any of you military buffs know where i'd actually look on this website to find blueprints.. because it seems like a huge site...

    thanks for the answer by the way Ollie, if its static, that's one less thing i need to worry about...

  6. Is it for FS9 or FSX?
  7. It is static. The shape of it is based on a parabola with an exit angle of 12 degrees. There are no such things as blueprints for the ship. If its a flightdeck arrangement drawing for the vessel you're after, try here..

    Otherwise try Navy news for one of their cutaways drawings or the RN website for photos.
  8. If you're looking for 'ski jumps' then don't look to Yeovilton anymore as they've removed it now. With the removal of the "Harrier footprint" the powers that be don't even like the "dummy deck" being refered to as the "dummy deck" any more!

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