The Sims 2 Castaway - Technical not Strategy Advice Req Pls


Hello, I hoping that there is a geek on here that can help me.........

Yesterday I bought Sims 2 Castaway and today it is behaving very strangely. There are 3 options to play; freeplay, story and learn to play and you have to complete the story to unlock essential items on the free play. Well when I installed it the story (Shipwrecked & Single) did not appear at all and after much time wasted I uninstalled it, reinstalled it and it was fine.

Today I was up to the point in the game where I have made friends with the 4 villagers in the Village Market then I saved it and quit but I have just gone back to it and I am now stuck in the the Village Market?! The map is disabled as is the barter option and buying any sort of food, my Sim is going to die of exhaustion as there is nowhere to sleep in the Market and no way of me buying him a bed!

Is there anyway to fix this which does not include uninstalling it again so I don't have to lose my progress so far???

Any advice gratefully received. :pig:
You're welcome :)

Have a look for a profile folder inside either the game folder itself or your "My Documents" folder to see if you can copy it and save your progress that way (just copy it back when you've re-installed the game)

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