The silent majority fights back

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by subset, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Quote. "We feel that if these horrible, immoral weapons are here we have to come and put our bodies in the road and do what we can personally to try to stop them.

    Full speed ahead No 1.
  2. I am in full support of everybody's right to disagree with Parliamentary decisions, and I am in full support of everybody's right to verbally protest against these decisions, and to hold rallies and demonstrations if they wish. But I cannot seem to understand how the disruption of traffic going into the Faslane Naval Base is going to put forward a logical and sensible argument for disarming the United Kingdom's nuclear deterrent.

    Personally, I am of the opinion that these protests are in fact, undemocratic because these peace protesters (who aren't all necessarily actually from this country) are trying to force the Government's hand to adopt their beliefs otherwise they are going to block the roads. This is an underhand protest that is also unfairly disrupting the local residents, and I would urge Parliament to pass a bill making this sort of activity illegal.

    A far more justifiable option to make their views heard would be to organise a peaceful rally somewhere and have it publicised. Surely isn't this the more intelligent approach?
  3. Well look on the positive side… they will provide the Mod Plods with hours of fun beasting them if the balloon ever goes up! :D
  4. Sitting chained together in the road is illegal -------------however the penalties that the 'protesters ' get awarded are laughable .
    They even get the local MP's and MSP's to attend the demonstration too.

    Anything for a headline .

    Am still awaiting the outcome of the Greenpeace invasion with their vessel
    the other month! More legal arguements and nothing more said.

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