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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by rickeee, May 1, 2010.

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  1. Erics Tales of The Sea - A Submariners Yarn went ahead last night in Runcorn despite it's presenter "Eric" being earlier involved in a major road accident.
    While transitting from Bath to the evenings gig Eric was involved in what could have been a fatal accident, travelling north on the M5 at 70mph the vehicle ahead braked sharply, Erics response was superb and he brought his vehicle to a stop without rear ending the car ahead.
    However on glancing in his mirror he spotted a car approaching at high speed and had that brief sickly feeling that the car was not about to stop, his feeling was correct and the resultant impact barrelled Erics car into the stationary car ahead. Erics car was a write off.
    After numerous phone calls and false starts a replacement car was eventually located and Eric made his shocked way north to Runcorn. his show albeit delayed by over one hour was hilarious and far better than the anecdotal dits that are heard on various websites, this show is a must see item for all. well worth the long wait. One can see now why Submariners are so proud of their Service.
    This man is a star and holds dear the performers unwritten rule -THE SHOW MUST GO ON _ BZ Eric.

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