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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by SONAR-BENDER, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know what eventually happened to the shovel, last seen in our Mess (sadly missed) in DOLPHIN? Rumour has it that it ended up in the Canadian Submarine Museum. Can it still be 'borrowed' and if so, where would it now be taken? If you have to ask what's going on, you're too young!
  2. Oops -finger trouble!
  3. I think you will find the shovel back at HMCS Statacona in Halifax. I am in touch with Time Greenside the last RN person to capture said shovel but have yet to ear the full story of his adventure.

    The full "Shovel" history can be found here.

    The Shovel


    Currently Resident in Lake Wanaka NZ, be good you lot ya here.
  4. Don't ever remember seeing it. Mind you never went up the mess that often always at sea!!
  5. La Poooooooooooooleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

    Thats what become of being a Greenie, for ever the Green Rub.

  6. Hi Nutty, Bloody cold today, wasn't it? And you are further north than me!! Soy muy cerca Salobreña, en la provincia de Granada- Y por Español, ¡y esta! Are your mountains as white as our mountains? I was actually in the Mess at DOLPHIN for the Mountbatten Night when Charlie was there - and the Shovel got nicked.
  7. Where did this shovel come from? I couldn't find anything in the link nutty put up. I know it been getting nicked alot for the past xxx years but why did this start?
  8. Yer right matey some O boat sonar benders couldn't hack it.Three pier head jumps I had when I was spare crew in Dolphin

  9. Sonar Bender

    I am not sureabout the mountains having snow as I am currently in NZ and leave for Oz on the Morning Tide or Flight(which ever). Hot and Sunny here my son.

  10. I seen the shovel two days ago Thursday 4 Dec 2008 in the Senior Rates Submariners mess at MOG5 Halifax Nova Scotia. It looks real good hanging on the bulkhead. Eat your heart out. :w00t:
  11. A certain SSBN visited Halifax not too long ago - wonder if they had a go ?

    Probably not though - useless bomber fags :thumright:
  12. Well then, now we know where it is thnks to chrisball, is it game on? Be nice to see it on the move again, though the PC police would probably interfere or bring theft charges now.
  13. Mr GS had a read of this over the weekend. I could see the cogs turning.... :lol:

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