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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by BFG_9000, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Greetings All,

    Below is a copy of a rather old post I made on ARRSE. I've recently updated this to work with version 1.5.x.x of Firefox. I've also ensured that it will work on ARRSE, Rearparty & Rumration.
    I hope you find it useful.



  2. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT????????????????????????

  3. I`m with you Nutty, WHY?
  4. Hig for the Finknottles of this world!

    I've always harboured suspicions about Pongos - this has just confirmed my worse fears! Why would Matelots want to hide their hard won medals and avatar? :? :? :?

    Strange boy!
  6. Have to agree.

    What is to be gained by not seeing someones post?

    Must make the thread hard to understand as it does tend to digress at times.
  7. More for the 02T's basically; you know those types who come on here just to cause trouble and have no actually means to be here apart from that.
  8. That's deceitful. 8O That would be like pretending to be an ex-Trog having never been near the place when it was open! 8O :wink: :oops:

  9. 8O Nooooooooooooooooooo you would have to be soooooooooooooooo
    stupid to pretend to be a TROG who would even think of it. 8O

  10. Whats the point of posting if your going to restrict who can view it?
    I enjoy replies for & against any posting I make. In fact sometimes those disagreeing with me are far more entertaining than those in agreement
  11. Exactly my point Nutty. What kind of imbecilic twat would do that?!! :lol:

    And Slim, I agree. Anyway the avatars make the site more fun. Does Andy really look like a Trainspotter? Does Slim really wear a stethoscope when he goes shopping in Sainsbury's? Does JD always cover her face, even when driving? Why is Nutty always grinning? Is Hig really related to Harold Shipman? Why is Dondon attired as a nun? Is Jimmy Green, Captain Pugwash's son? And finally, is Rosie really a shoe fetishist?
  12. you know, I don't even understand this. That first post really freaked me out!
  13. There is a reason to why I do not drive but that is nor here or there :wink:

    Basically BFG is trying to help those who'd wish not to view posts by member's they dislike or O2T's, he is being very helpful with his OWN time in doing this.

    Least of all, people could say thank you :roll:
  14. Ah Steve, the stethoscope, must be something from my childhood and the game of doctors & nurses. Don't wear it in Saisburys though as too many customers kept wanting free consultations. Would have been happy to carry out an examination of some young female cashier though.
  15. Oh is that what it's for? Censorship. Well I must admit it might benefit some of my fellow gays on Proud2Serve who are afraid to use this site for fear of abuse! As if... :? It could also be beneficial to occupants of the QD who dislike some of UA's posts too! With that in mind may I suggest we place the details in the Site Details forum and point members seeking shelter from unwelcome posters, to it?

    My apologies BFG for misunderstanding the function of your software. And thank you Jenny for explaining it to me. Well it looks like you deserve a special gong for services to the less robust BFG. BZ BFG! :)

  16. Don't worry Sweeney. It's all sorted now. Junior Jenny has revealled all. It's to protect the cybernozzers who can't cope with fullblooded, unadulterated, non-chill filtered RR banter and discussion. :wink:
  17. Like Site Issues? Already here hun :wink:
  18. Oops! Can I borrow you avatar for a while Jenny? :oops:

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