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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stirling2, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. So many pubs going out of business and now this.............

    09 October
    Would you pop out for two-thirds of a pint?

    And now something for the weekend....

    New laws will mean that by the Spring you could be popping down to the pub for two-thirds of a pint. The new imperial measure - already popular in Australia where it is known as a 'schooner' - will be the first relaxation of pub measures since they were introduced in 1698.

    As well as being cheaper to buy, it's also going to take drinkers longer to get a paunchy physique at around 158 calories, compared to around 240 calories for a full pint. But I'm not sure how popular the 'schooners' will be. Won't big drinkers just see them as a false economy? Or drink more of them, thus defeating the object?

    Unfortunately for pubs, what is given with one hand is taken away with the other as rumours persist that the much-loved ...sorry, much-loathed Valuation Office Agency of council tax review fame, plans to hit family-friendly pubs with higher taxes next year. Landlords who have added beer gardens, children’s play areas or who organise local pool or darts tournaments for the neighbourhood will be stung in a rates revaluation already dubbed the “nice pub taxâ€. I'm not sure this makes sense when we hear that city pubs without these features are at the brunt of the 2-for-1 cheap booze problem. These changes come on top of above-inflation rises in beer duty imposed in the Budget, the squeeze from cut-price supermarket alcohol sales and the recession
  2. The Aussies habit of drinking from smaller glasses(schooners) is nothing to do with restrained consumption but everything to do with drinking the beer while it is still cold.i.e. if you purchased a pint of lager by the time you reached the bottom third the ambient temperature would have made the liquid less refreshing in the Aussie heat.
  3. They could try necking it more sharpish, pussies!
  4. They do! :drunken: :drunken: Made the mistake of trying to keep up with them at Dolphin in the 70`s mistake big mistake :pukeright:
  5. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Aussi outrage when in1958 ordered two schooners of beer and left one on the counter to warm up a bit. The look on their faces! :lol:
  6. Cold is the only chance their stuff has of being palatable!
  7. A few years back at the Great British Beer Festival, the CAMRA lot seemed fit to introduce a third-of-a-pint glass.

    Fantastic for beer tasting but shoddy if one required something more than just touching the sides.

    My fear, then, is that such a glass exists, beer is already drunk from said glass, and it's only a matter of time before the worst happens.

  8. So true! So true! But a nice cold Guinness goes down very well :wink:
  9. If you ask a barman nicely you will find that pint glasses are available in most pubs :wink: The really good pubs will give you a bowl of water at precisely sixty degrees farenheight to stand it in :D
  10. WhiteRose. Wetherspoon’s similarly use 1/3 pint glasses for their occasional beer fests. Having 3 different beers for the price of a pint is quite good, for that circumstance. Having to queue at the bar at more frequent intervals for a session in a “normal†pub, though, would be bloody annoying.
  11. Hmmm I caused some muttering also asking why they served the beer in ladies glasses

  12. A nice cool refreshing beer on a hot day, in a pot (10oz), schooner, or pint goes down well....I drunk from a jug, got some funny looks too.

    Love yer answer malspal....have a VB mate!
  13. At the A&M cafe in Manila me and a couple of oppos ordeed a jug of beer each and they gave us these minute glasses to drink out of, the look from the yanks using the place as we drank out of the jugs.
  14. Victoria Bitter wasnt too bad and Tooheys was just about drinkable.

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