The Sennet Hat

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rodgersthecabinboy, Jul 28, 2010.

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  1. Have been on the lookout for a Sennet hat,thinking it would look very smart walking along the pier at Llandudno with all the other old gits and gals, plus it will keep their eye's off the wet patch on my beige trousers.
    Anyone out there ever come across one?

    Sennet hat.[​IMG]
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  2. No but I bet you could get a whole pallet-load from Vietnam for the price of a Vietnamese takeaway over here. You'd probably make a killing on eBay and RR (obligatory H4H donations). I'd buy one.
  3. Get a straw boater from Henley,a lick of black gloss paint,and bobs your uncle. :salute:
  4. Come across what? A damp patch on your trousers? Can’t say I have :(
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Known, I believe, as a Donkey's Breakfast. I once heard a buzz that someone found a cave full of the things at Corradino in Malta, all quietly forgotten by Pusser. Itchy things by repute.
  6. Found at last!!!!

    Well the quest is over at last, after searching for the elusive Sennet Hat for a number of years, I have found a firm in Luton who would make one for me and anybody else who wants one. [email protected]
    See my photo's below, not cheap,in fact quite expencive,but well made.
    So after all the research and chasing, I thought why not.
    I just hope we now get some good summers so that it can keep the sun off my bald dome.:cool:

  7. I wonder if that's what these chaps from the White Ensign Club of Exeketer do.

  8. Old school you see =). Glad you got her Rodger.:thumright:
  9. Used to have a pint in the Lion and Column in Guzz during the mid 70's. One of the irr regulars (he was in his late 80's then) was a chap called Walter Ramsey, a long retired Engineering Commander who used to spin a dit about the old Sennet hats. He was alongside in Malta on the day they changed to the new style. Several of the matelots threw them on the jetty, whereupon the dockyard donkeys were eating them. Daily orders had got the date wrong and it was to be the following day on which they changed them. He also told of the day when the three predominent fleets met in the Med and the respective CinC's retired onto his battleship. Flagship of the world for a few hours was his claim to fame (apart from Jutland).
  10. Or the Zomba Club in Nyasaland (now Malawi) where they had two from WW1 East Africa. I remember they were presented to the club by a CPO(SR)( Bing )Crosby who, with his team had surveyed Lake Nyasa ( now Malawi) in the early 60's. Where he got them from no one asked.
  11. After years of searching for one of these I chanced upon your post. Deep joy! I will be contacting Walter Wright to get my hat as well. Do I see a trend developing here?
  12. NO!!!

    I already take the piss out of the 'Kiss Me Quick' lot on Weymouth sea front!:razz:
  13. It is a high and lonely path I tread, being a style guru!! Oh well, back to the flat 'at and the socks + sandals.
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  14. Just found out the price. Hell's bleeding teeth! Over a week's State Pension. I shall have to go without. Another losing ticket in the lottery of Life.

  16. PM Rumrat,

    he'll knock you one up in no time for a sniff of your kecks:

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  17. Thanks for that, BreathingOutOnTheWayUp.

    I'd better send that PM before I visit Colostomies 'R' Us.

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