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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JayWatcham, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. Hi there,

    New to this site around 5 minutes ago but been browsing it for a while trying to get as much info as possible!!

    Sorry if theres a link explaining my scrawl beneath but just send me on my way if there is!!! :)

    I've had my ICP and have got my Recruit Test on the 14th of June but I was wondering what happens afterwards?

    It all seems to be about joining the "Navy" rather than the Job choices etc. so far .. my AFCO seems to tell me not to worry and to concentrate on RT but I'd like to know :)

    Obviously I've read the whole process as in ICP -> RT -> Interview -> Medical -> Branch Interview -> AIB -> Start Training

    But reading on here, there seems to be more to it?

    ALSO ... I'm still unsure of what Job options are available.
    I definitely want to be an officer .. I have experience with Militarisation from Sea cadets from aged 12-present (18 where I am a Petty Officer) and have good GCSE Results and studying A levels in Maths, Physics and Systems and Control (electronics).

    I do not want to go to Uni .. fed up of Education in respects to Schooling etc. and I want to Join up after I have completed A2 next year.

    I know that being colourblind will limit my options, and as I'm one of many applicants, academic qualifications and experience will not aid me there; however, I know Officer selection is based on merit and which person "shines".

    I am Red/Green colourblind (Deuteranopia) and had my heart set on Warfare Officer and I am confident I would make the grade but would hate if this would to limit that choice.

    Could somebody please shed some light on it for me and give me some much needed help to job options and what happens next after RT?

  2. Thanks Jimbo.

    I have just been reading through all of the stuff that is relevent since your post time!

    Now found out that I cannot be a Warfare Officer of any sort as I am definitely not CP1. :(
    BIG Disappointment.

    I am either CP3 or CP4 which pretty much just leaves me with Logistics Officer, am I correct?
    Logistics Officer was was my 2nd Choice anyway; however, waiting list is long is it not?

    Only other option is to attain a Degree and go for MEO which was what I was going to do before I decided I hated the education system and wanted to join the Royal Navy quicker than I imagined!!

    I have a BTEC 1st Diploma in Engineering .. does it count for anything?

    Thanks for your help so far!
  3. Although it is admirable that you have been a Sea Cadet I'm not sure that this experience, in itself, is sufficient to justify "having" to join as an Officer.
  4. No of course not! :)
    I totally understand that .. But I know they look into background and membership of youth organisations etc. and whilst already wearing a uniform for 6 years and knowing about the military life, as well as all I achieved within it, may give me am advantage.

    Anyway, I wasn't implying that because I was a sea cadet, I would automatically be an officer!! :)

  5. Sorry to hear that mate, from what I understand though warfare officers have to make important life and death decisions often based on information displayed on screens containing data collected from radar which shows friendly forces in green and unfriendly in red... so being colour blind to these colours would be a huge issue!

    Keep at it and don't worry about the waiting times, we're all in the same boat at the moment!
  6. Being a Sea Cadet doesn't give you any advantage. Most of them who join the navy are gobshites who think that they know it all and frequently annoy staff with, "when i was in the cadets we did it this way........."

    Rant over for Monday morning.
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Genuine question. I thought that at one time being colour blind was an absolute bar to entry into the RN, has time dulled my memory or has it changed, there would seem to be good reasons for a bar.
  8. There are different level of Colour Blindness, assessed as Colour Perception from 1 to 4. You can join with CP4 but options are limited. Anything worse than CP4 is a bar to entry.
  9. Being Red/Green colour blind is not a good idea for a warfare officer. Bridge watchkeeping would be fun at night trying to suss out which way fishing boats are going 8O

    "Sorry Sir, didn't mean to run over the trawler, all it's nav lights were white"
  10. Aye I've heard about this red over white fishing at night, green over white trawling for shite business but all I see is white over white not sure what that means :lol:
  11. Who told you that rubbish?
  12. Silent Hunter 2
  13. Deano
  14. Channel 4 told me... Surely I have not been lied to!?
  15. Not entirely incorrect. ADAWS 2000 shows enemy contacts with red writing once they have been classified as such by the operator.

    The only life and death decisions I know of any officer taking are whether to wear the orange or yellow cords ashore this evening.
  16. I totally understand @Drakey!
    Have come across all of them too.
    Pompous and up their own arse!

    Anyway ... I've phoned the Careers office and I'm going in tomorrow afternoon to discuss other options .. they were really helpful actually.

    Thanks for the heads up... will give it a shot and chat to my careers advisor tomorrow!!

    Thought I'd lost out on that option ages ago... Careers helpline (the 0844 one) told me that if I wanted to be sponsored, you had to go through the Welbeck route.

    Excellent one! Made me laugh :)
  17. Jay

    Just wondering about your colourblindness. Has this been assessed properly by a professional?
  18. No, not by an eye professional, but I am definitely colour blind :(

    I have done the ISHIHARA test online and can’t see a bloody thing on most of them!
    I'm Definitely not CP1. I can recognise colour though (not black and white vision!) It is just shades of red/green/brown when they are in close proximity of one another.
  19. Warfare does require CP1, apart from ATC which requires CP2.

    Engineering and Logistics require CP4.

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