The secret life of buildings CH4 on at the minute.

Just started watching this and it got me to thinking about my time on SSKs and SSBNs. One was really cramped dark and smelly (SSK) yet my memory is through rose tinted glasses as my time on them was brilliant, yet SSBN loads of room,locker space, mess and light but just not as much fun as SSKs. Is the theory of light and space we have to live in as important as this programme is saying? Or is it just pure flunobs that dragged it down? Many of the lads on the SSBN were spot on,just thought I would get the dig in about flunobs before someone else did!
Can only ever remember two lads who really did not not want to be on boats,one went on the trot and outside via Colchester, the other had to see a trick cyclist to get back to GS took a couple of years IIRC.
I only ever served on S boats, and I have to say I had a great time! I used to take loads of seond hand books and nutty and things to occupy me when off watch. So I can honestly say I never got bored.

And when inboard, RNSMS was just like a building!! Lots of light and space!

I went to sea on Otus and Onyx for a day each and also did an acquaint on the Finbin - that should have been enough to put me off entirely! SSKs - you can keep 'em! I had (much) more space in general and also my cabinets had lots of empty drawers due to various mods and updates over the years, therefore, more stowage space for me and my lads!!

I don't remember anyone going back to GS.

We did once take a team of trick cyclists out to sea with us, but that is another whole story.........
Never a Bomber Queen, and only ever went on "S" Boats for a call round.
Did all these and was happy to do so. Takes all sorts I suppose. As for
space/light/room to think and all that - It's fair to say that submariners
did not spend their entire LIFE onboard a submarine. They got off, went
on leave, courses, spent time alongside, and lived it up on full subsistence,
so in truth - unless we're talking about "long trips" (which most of us have
experienced), then everybody had better get on with each other or there
would be no submarine service in my opinion.
And yes - it still takes a certain type of person to want to serve on boats,
no matter how brief (or extended) the period at sea may be.
I never switched my bunklight on anyway. Happiness was complete darkness
until the Main Re-circ shut down and the General Alarm went off.

I was on S and T boats and as for light and space, I was always happy when in full hamster mode, racked out with the curtains drawn and bunklight out.

When I went fwd watchkeeping, blacklighting in the control room was ace for little catnaps :sleepy2:


Lantern Swinger
BNM you just brought a tear to my eye.

2 stints on Sealion, best boat ever for me, then nearly 5 years on Turbs, another cracking boat. Also Odin, Otus, Oberon and Onslaught.

Always found room to stow gear, especially when I got EBD'd out of the Motor Room and became a Killick forendy. We bought stacks of booze in Vigo and brought it back in empty pyro containers (N51's) and stowed it in the forends trench with all the other candles.

Happy Days :pirat:
The secret life of the JR's showers

Who can recall stowing f***ing hundreds of bags of spuds in every bleedin'
hole available then? One JR's shower cubicle was usually reserved for the
last few bags, and by the time all the rest had been used up and it was down
to the JR's Heads & Bathrooms supply.......they started to vanish into the
Galley, save for the very last two or three bags which had been happily
festering at the bottom for a few weeks. Gopping, black, evil, stinking,
dribbling goo that required balls of steel to sort out, bag up and eventually
consign to the deep via the Garbo. This was usually the case on Courageous
for those fascinating long trips to places that did not exist. We were even known
to take fresh milk to sea in fu**ing farmers milk churns on some occasions.
Ever been chased along 2-deck by a milk churn when them in the Control Room
fancy doing a few angles and dangles????
Now THAT is definitely something that most folk have never experienced.
Dunno about bombers but on SSN's we used to blag some spuds for the donk shop. Middle watch baked tatties, cooked on the throttles, 30 revs was perfect for baking them IIRC. All came to end when they started dosing the feed water with some chemical shite.
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