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Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by Buccaneer, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. Hello

    Wonder how many of you RN people have had dealing with the Sea Cadet Corps.

    Did you get promoted to Commander to be an Area Officer, if so was the job what you expected - tell us about your experiences.

    Did you get co-opted to teach the SCC whilst in the RN.

    Above all did you think theses Cadets were a pain.

    Come along and share your views - especially if you are ex RN Area Staff
  2. Shouldn't this be in SCC and URNU Like all your other posts?
  3. No cause I am only interested in RN staff point of view :)

  4. Ahh,
    Apologies :)
  5. Buccs, as a CPO(M) I was the Chief GI in HMS Vernon from '79 to '81. One of my duties was to act as liaison officer, between the establishment and TS Vernon in Birmingham. It was the only unit in UK, so I was told, that was affiliated to an establishment. On my first visit, I was met by a bunch of dedicated staff and some very enthusiastic cadets. It was a mixed unit of Sea Cadets and RM Cadets, so there was always an element of competition between them, but they stuck together like glue when one of them was in need, or, in trouble.

    You are quite welcome to e-mail me and I will tell you all I can remember of a really fulfilling couple of years with MY unit.

    Semper Strenuissima.
  6. AN ex Area Officer who shall be nameless once told me that getting A/Cdr's rank to be an Area Officer was worth £100,000 over the three years and it was money for old rope if you will pardon the expression.

    Anyone know whether this is right or not.

    Do forget if a chap kept his A/Cdrs rank for more than 3 years he would get a Cdr's pension.
  7. What happens if you join the navy and you're still apart of the SCC? What rank would you be in the SCC, this is for my friend who is still a cadet.
  8. We had an RN rating serving with us as a Unit Assistant, we sadly lost him to cancer at the beginning of the year. Whilst I served in the RN I was also a CFAV in the ACF, cant be many people that received their CFM whilst still in the regulars. I believe that regulars cannot be CFAVs now, in 2005 they said regular servicemen cannot be appointed as a CFAV, however I was already there....
  9. The same rank / rate. If anything, the adult rate of PO(SCC) will likely be higher than your RN one, but that ONLY applies when you have the SCC uniform on. You need to make sure you (or your mate) keeps this distinction clearly in mind.

    It is not recommended to remain with a Unit once you join up. Firstly, your attention should be on passing Phase 1 so Unit duties will be far away in your mind. Then you have to pass the next phase, and that will include movement to places physically far away from your Unit. So for some time you will simply be a name on the books and a vaguely remembered face that pops in from time to time.

    That said, once you are passed your initial training phases you can renew your links with the SCC which may include joining as a CFAV. In that case you will be the rank or rate you join at, and about the only time it will be an issue will be access to the Senior Rates mess when on courses if it is the same establishment you are based at - you will receive guidance on that from your SCC DO. Otherwise - crack on. But remember - your career takes precedence and it does your Unit little good if you are seldom there, so think carefully about whether it is good for both you and your Unit to remain linked during that time. You can always return, and sometimes leaving and coming back later makes you a much better Adult Instructor than trying to struggle on.
  10. Not sure that is still the case - the OP will need to check with their Unit CO if the SCRs still prohibit this.
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  11. Straight from SCRs

    Service Personnel. Current serving members of the armed forces, or its reserves, will not normally be afforded a SCC rank/rate above their service status. The written permission of the CO of the applicant’s regular/reserve unit must be obtained.
  12. I am serving RN have been volunteering with the SCC for the last 6 years, providing assistance with the stores and drill in my unit. In July I actually applied to join the SCC as an instructor with the permission of my CO. At the moment I am an AB (but am being rated up soon) and in the SCC I'm a CI. In December I'll find out if I'm allowed to go APO as I'll have been in 6 months by then and I have a written letter from my CO that he doesn't mind me holding a second honorary rate higher than my actual rate (he said he approved of it as he believes it'd actually be beneficial for me in improving my leadership qualities). Also of note, I am assisting as a sea cadet unit within the base I'm currently at and the CO of that unit is a current serving CPO, but later this year, while still serving, is going to be a SLt (SCC), so it is possible.

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  13. Bizarrely, I was a rank lower in the ACF as an SI whilst a serving CPO , I also received my cadet force medal whilst still a regular.
  14. Good luck with that, did the course and went from PCI to CI last September, though fcku it in for a penny in for a pound and said I would go uniformed, still waiting on the wheels to turn and still a CI
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  15. God that AIC was mind numbingly boring! Did mine 3 weeks ago and had every other person there trying to get my email or mobile number while asking if I could source them kit. Guess they'd never met a real jack dusty before as the look on their faces when I told em "stores are for storing" was priceless!
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  16. Otherwise it would be called an Issue.

    Ho hum.

    Did you spin the one about not giving them the last one, as someone might need it? ;)

    PS - Northern or North West?

  17. Both! Home unit is in Lancashire, but Monday and Wednesday nights I help out at one in Fife.

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  18. About that kit..........
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  19. Aren't you around the corner from me?

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  20. County to the north of you.

    I had the 'pleasure' of doing the AI in Barrow in Furness, wish we had the facilities they have, the sailing center is spot on for the cadets, boating 24/7 available, not reliant on the tide

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