The Scheme

Awfully sorry Wits,

Four minutes was all that I could manage - 'Rather absorbing'.

(But there again so is Andrex.........)
Some of the totty was worth a squirt, but you'd have to be careful as you wouldn't know if they were saying yes or no. And would I care?
Now I have a problem.
I have middle easters living next door.
I have been sitting in here with the door open shouting "Pussy" "Pussy" "Pussy".
Well its arrived.

Not once did they (the BBC) interview or question anyone related to the crime or social problems these people create. Some are poor. Some are unfortunate...granted. Most are lazy greasy little cunts that think all will be ok if they get their next drink or "Dun worrry, ders boun ta be som government person who gets paid to del wiv me"

What about the post office guy who had to confront a ugly pissed scot hurling abuse at him?

What about the local bobbies who probably fear getting that beat?

What about the kids who, everyday, have to walk that minefield to school. A place full of other little shits who think its "ok" to assault someone.?

Oh fucking blow me! a Crackhead complaining about the state of "his" (and by that I mean, ours, because we pay for the whole fucking thing, Estate.) Aww poor lil cracky dun likey the mess. I wonder whether he thought of the children and women abused daily in Mexico, you know, the people who are born into the drugs trade (in which the government and navy fights regularly). Think he spared a thought for them when he brought his gear? Hmm

I wonder if he is aware of the cost of methodone? (little fact. HMP Belmarsh spends 70k a year on Meth treatments on its own). What do you think the NHS pays for it?

How much does that estate cost? in real terms. Social/Cleaning/more social/benifits/cost of CPS/Cost of local courts. It's a fucking money pit.

aww poor little 30 something ex-com who doesn't want his children to do the same as him/her. Wake the fuck up you cunt! How can you expect them to have a different life to yours when in your home, in your lifestyle there is no respect for social responsibility - or even in the lack of that, just a god dam understanding that when you fuck up it effects other people you selfish little shit.

This program seems to focus on the behaviours of a few children and individuals in subordinate family positions. HELLO!!! They are nothing more than the product of their upbringing! How can you expect them to behave any differently when they don't know any better.

Libertarians will bitch and moan about the richer getting richer and the poorer getting smellier but unless they can come up with a way of stopping the shit end of society breeding beyond convention, we are going to have a country full of these people in probably no more than a lifetime.

I have a solution.

However history dictates that "Solutions" should be avoided.

P.S thank fuck this is in DL

Oh and I'm Finknottle and I'm handing out fivers.


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