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War Hero
The scene is the Cambrian Patrol competition a while back. First to arrive at the survival stand were the SAS team, who were told to go into the nearest wood and come back with a rabbit. They immediately demanded satellite imagery, three interpreters and a whole load of seriously secret stuff, spent hree days locked away formulating their plan, waited for it to get dark, and leopard crawled off towards the wood. Silence reigned for about three hours, until they reappeared with a very surprised looking and extremely dead rabbit with a single bullet hole between the eyes. The DS said "well done lads, no problem. Have 100 points and be on your way".

Next team through were the Infantry. Same brief, but this lot chuntered a bit, then headed off towards the wod with huge bergens on. For the next couple of hours the wood was lit up with eplosions, tracer, smoke, shouting bullets etc, and the team eventually reappeared with a mangled corpse that was just about recognisable as having been a rabbit at some point. In the debrief, they were told "Not quite what we had in mind, but you can have 50 points for it. Off you go".

Third team there were the RMP. Same brief again, so off they went nto the wood, and came back half an hour later frog-marching a rather bruised and nervous looking squirrel. The DS asked "what's this? We told you speciffically to get a rabbit", at which point one of the RMPs nudges the squirrel, who says very quickly, "All right, all right, I'm a rabbit!!"

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