The SBS and the UDT's/SEALS

Discussion in 'History' started by ayrmale, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. Hi folks, new member here. Just come across this site and have been on for an hour and only scratched the surface. Cracking site.

    To my questions:

    1--Did the SBS in 1940-41 help train the American UDT/naval commando style units, either here or in the US?. I know they did when UDT's arrived in the UK later in the war, but did any SBS/British naval experts go across the pond pre-Pearl Harbour to train the new US units?.

    2--Are the US Seals heavily based on the SBS?. And did the SBS train the early SEALS?.
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  2. wet_blobby

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    The SBS didn't really exist in 1940, it was an idea pioneered by the likes of "Blondie" Hasler of cockleshell heroes fame a bit later in the war, RM boom patrol etc.

    The US Rangers did some cross training with UK Commando forces (Which it must be remembered was predominantly Army personnel to start with during WW2) are you getting the two things a bit muddled?
  3. A lot of it's down to this fellow who was initially trained in the rendering safe of bombs and mines at HMS Vernon in Portsmouth:

    Also see: America's First Frogman: The Draper Kauffman Story by Elizabeth Kaufman Bush, sister of Draper Kauffman and sister-in-law of former President George H. W. Bush (George Dubya's father).
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  4. July 1940, was it not?. Even if very small and rudimentary to start with. Certainly it was offically called the SBS by early 1941 and carried out missions a few months later.

    No, I know the Ranger training. I am talking about SBS-American training 40-45, I know they trained with the British when they trained in the UK for Sicily and esp Normandy. I am just wondering the very early training, ie 1940-41, pre US entry.

    We know that the first US paratroop commander, General Lee, came over to see the new British paras in 1940, and took ideas back for his. And we all know the spycraft we trained the US in pre-Pearl Harbour. So I wouldnt be surprised if SBS/RN experts helped train the new US naval units like the UDT's in those days of 40-41 prior to US entry. I am just wondering if anyone has seen anything in books/online to confirm that.
  5. Here's another fascinating book in which Draper Kauffman features heavily, as well as the other Americans who rallied to the cause before the USA entered the Second World War. They are all commemorated on a plaque set into the deck of the Painted Hall at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich. The plaque was unveiled in the presence of Elizabeth Kauffman Bush and Draper Kauffman Jr in 2007:

    Finally, take a look at this RR thread of old:

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