The russians are coming! The russians are coming!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by jaggers, Dec 23, 2013.

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  1. Good auld Alex would hold out the hand of friendship and ask for a loan to pay for all his promises.

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  2. :lol:

    By the way I realise there's a similar thread in the Fleet part of the forum but it's the SNP's reaction which cracks me up!
  3. I suspect that an independent Scotland would just ignore the ship as it's not actually doing anything...
  4. You mean close their eyes and hope it goes away?
  5. Or maybe even keep them open and hope it goes away? Come on, what is a Russian ship off the Moray Coast going to do that we should be scared of?
  6. The question is why is it there at all if there is no danger either now or in the future. Do you think that if one of our warships went swanning around off the coast of Russia it would be ignored?
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  7. No, I didn't say that nor did I even imply it. I was merely pointing out that an independant Scotland would be just as well placed as the UK as it stands to deal with an non-excistant threat.
  8. My point is why are the SNP who want to kick the navy out of Scotland now berating the MOD for not having warships on standby when Mr Putin's fleet comes calling? You should really read the article in The Scotsman, it's hilarious
  9. Oh I did, and it is hilarious. For the record I don't want Scotland to be independent!
  11. Oh dear, are we really making a point of correcting people's spelling on here? Well, if you have nothing better to do I suppose.
  12. Anyone see Red Dawn?

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  13. Well the Scots will have to wait 11 years before it can get up to its naval capacity, even if they could find the sailors willing to join the Scots forces. So 4 type 23 wouldn't pose a threat to the Ruskie's it would be quite embarrassing to see that once a strong nation go into ruin. If they can't defend it self will more fisherman from Russia be inclined to intrude into Scottish water. No more salmon for salmon.
  14. Hahaha I think I'm better than Mr Salmond but that's not hard the Lock Ness monster could beat him in a political debate. He even looks a bit like a fish I swear hes miss spelled his name.
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  15. I fear that is not the case cobs2012. Salmond has won Politician of the Year for 3 consecutive years precisely because he is such a good debater and orator. However, I take comfort in the fact that although the packaging is shiny and bright in terms of his eloquence about independance, most people can still see that it wraps a turd.
  16. Oh please, you're too kind, I prefer the term 'polymath' myself, Witless:lol:^_~.

    Anyway, slapdown over, I suppose we could have sent Commander Crabbe to have a look at them in harbour but what about the SNP's anti-nuclear weapons policy (because I'm sure the Russkies will be packing a few)?
  17. Did she use to dance at Diamond Lil's?
  18. Salmond is a fantastic politician, you can't take that away from him.
  19. Int gathering which they could pass on. Go and ask your nearest golly.
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