The Russian Bear

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by P2000, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. nah just showing their there still and can afford to launch aircraft
  2. On the up-side, it means that the Typhoon might actually have a point...
  3. Its all postulating because they are unhappy with the ways things have gone since the cold war ended. They aren't the voice they once were, but now that most of Europe gets its gas (and electricity?) from them, they are back at their old tricks, trying to be bullies. Bring it on I say, Putin needs putting back in his box in my opinion.
  4. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    ... and on the down-side all those other post-Cold-War decisions are looking mighty poor; dismantling of the RN surflot; systematic demolition of land forces; dismantling RN MCM capability (if the Crabs can justify Typhoon, please can the RNR have its sweepers back?)! etc .
  6. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    An oblique reminder there from Flagwagger about othe UK's vulnerability to mine warfare, particularly now our major import trade is concentrated on a very few container ports; closed, we would be somewhat screwed, quite apart from a shortage of iPods. Ground mines can be laid covertly and fitted with delays and ship counts and tuned to particular sizes and types of ships (I know most RRs know all this, but there may be some that don't).

    As to the reserves, I imagine all their old wooden sweepers would have rotted to bits by now anyway, and for ground mines it's minehunting, not sweeping, but I do wonder if we could usefully open a training chain in clearance diving for the RNR. No doubt divers will tell me fast enough if I'm being simplistic in terms of the skill involved, but there may be people who could rise to the fitness and technical challenges but who don't want a Regular commitment. As to the ships themselves, somebody else can tell me what the unit cost and annual maintenance cost is these days. We ran up nearly 200 CMS and IMS in a very short time in the 1950s.

    Finally a cheap plug for my minesweeping dits on RRPedia. One of them will tell you what happened when we needed sweepers and hadn't got any - not a very edifying story.
  7. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    The last lot of RNR sweepers were not wooden: see

    To try and get back on the subject slightly, while ground mines require hunting, a field of moored mines is far cheaper and possibly easier to lay. We shouldn't just focus on the high tech problems and/or solutions. Bottling up Felixstowe and the SWAPS with moored mines would be an effective way to bring to the country to its knees and using high-tech minehunters to counter this threat would not be not be a good use of limited MCMVs.
  8. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Thanks for putting me right on the RNR's sweepers, I must have missed their wooden walls being replaced.

    I didn't intend to suggest that moored mines might not be a problem also - I understand the Soviets (remember them?) had enormous stockpiles of them. And of course a moored mine can be programmed to go down with its sinker and pop up at some scheduled later date and time. One advantage of using ground mines in the shallower channels close to a port is that the resulting sunk ship(s) can then make the situation even worse (particularly considering the huge size of modern container ships), and it may be easier to achieve an effective lay with a small number of ground mines delivered covertly and accurately placed.

    Minelaying played a big part in bringing Japan to its knees in 1945.
  9. Well done to the crabs PR types...shiney kit doing steely stuff protecting the UK.
    Now where are the RNs PR types to do the same about 'we are an Island and rely on trade from the sea'? If the Soviets, sorry Russians are sticking their nose out of the Barents a little more might it not be worth banging the drum just to remind joe public that although the crabs are going'up tiddly up'again protecting their interests, the RN is still out there protecting the economic lifeline of this country. Or maybe they have had such a kicking from a recent debacle they are a little camera shy? ^_^;
  10. Well done 3 Sqn (even if they did have to scrounge 11 Sqn machines).

    The Public does need to be kept aware that there are bandits out there. The RN, though, does need to make itself visible doing the stuff that keeps us all safer. PORTLAND and WAVE RULER doing the hurricane relief is priceless humanitarian and hearts and minds stuff but does your average tax payer or benefit drawer see it that way? We need to show the drug trade intercepts and publicise real and present threats to our Trade. Who cares if our oil, cheap cars and Chinese consumer goods need to run the gauntlet of pirates; . That said, is the remaining Fleet spread too thinly to make a difference?


    Bugger! Sorry; I hadn't seen .
  11. On your website sponse list could "Beautiful Russian Lady" be part of Putin's plans for a stronger Russia?
  13. Sounds like the Navys part is probably a bit more hush hush. National secrets act etc etc.
  14. Excellent bit of copying and pasting there stumpy! I must have thought it, though, as I totally agree.

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