The Rupert says Basra safer than Manc!!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by scouse, Apr 10, 2009.

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  1. UK: Basra safer than Manchester.

    CLOSE [X] Basra is now less dangerous than Manchester, the general commanding British troops in Iraq has said.

    By James Kirkup in Basra
    Last Updated: 9:47PM GMT 08 Feb 2009
    Iraq: Basra is less dangerous than Manchester, British general says
  2. Regardless of what he says I know where I would rather be and I would suggest that he needs to come down from his fluffy cloud.
  3. Does he know something that we don't ? :(
  4. So, let me just ask. We went into Iraq lost 150+ personnel and spent billions yet the civilians in Basra are still under the same or worse dictatorship by malitia's, Sorry but I don't understand we went into Iraq to get rid of WMD's, that did'nt work because Sadam sold them or hid them abroad. Atleast perhaps we could have accomplished something, if there is one could someone please tell me something good except from Democracy, within UK area of operations.

    *Just to add did anyone see the phalanx artical in the Navy News? If Basra is so safe why is there a multi million pound weapons system being used on a daily basis.
  5. I suppose you could claim that... bearing in mind that in the past week there has been considered enough of a threat to three shopping centres and a nightclub in Manchester to send PC Plod kicking in doors all over the north-west...
  6. It's time we pulled up the drawbridge and put up the no entry signs and politicians got their heads out of their arses. Not only that, I resent having to queue up at immigration with non Brit EU passport holders to get into my own country, we should have our own line, ‘British Passport Holders Only’. :evil:
  7. I have no problem with the EU queue system. It's the same in all EU countries airports.

  8. Nah, Seppos claim they got rid of the militias last year after we fell down on the job… Basra is now a haven of tranquility and democracy.

    That's their dit and they're sticking to it.
  9. Obviously Rupert has been offerred a promotion he says the right words that "people" want to hear.
    Remember the Writer who was wheeled out to say to the Guzz press that having Wrens at sea was a good idea. He got an extended weekend for saying that.
  10. If you like it so much why don't you go and live there??!!1 :angry4:
  11. T_C_T - Sorry chap you may have taken my quote out of its meant context. I think that the PR spin machine is at work here trying to tell everyone that everything is hunky dory and everyone loves each other and that everyone is a model 21 Century citizen of the world. And this Rupert is the current mouth piece.

    Sad huh?
  12. Even "mouth-pieces" should have limits when it comes to talking stupid.

  13. Perhaps we ought to invite the new Iraqi police force to weave their magic in Manc. !

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