The Rum Ration Annual Award Ceromony


War Hero
All the TV channels are doing it, so why not RR?
Let us have our own RR Awards, The Jack-me-ticklers.

Here are a couple of nominees for starters.

Best at keeping his job after dropping himself in it award

John Prescott

Longest waiting for promotion to the top position

Gordon Brown

Top celebrity gash flasher.

Britney Spears

Over to you.........................


War Hero
Surely the longest for waiting for the top job is the ex skipper of the Bronington, Charles Windsor Prince of Wails himself - past for king years ago, but the points needed are whore-end-ous! Looks like his boy William will get his B13 for that job before him!
Fountain of all knowledge = AAC
Voice of Reason = Maxi 77
Diplomat of the Year = the_matelot (for his thread telling the old farts to **** off)
Services to Frenchwomanhood = Higthepig
Thinking American = BootneckYank
Poo Stirrer = lauralovestodig
Sex Symbol = josiecats
Dirty Old Man = Andym
Gengis Khan Award = To many to mention
Top Speller = ET(WE)Pooley
Male Sex Symbol = Uncle Albert.

Thats a start now add some more