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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. Well fcuk my entire lower intestine clean out of me. Have you seen the state of these fcukers? It's no wonder everyones trying to bag off on here instead of face to face all the time, it's like someone shaved the cast of Sesame street and went to town on them in an Oxfam shop.

    Dear god, have a look, I dare you.
  2. Lol. Some news phots, well that will waste 5 mins I suppose.. ;-)
  3. I don't really post pictures on the internet :cry:
  4. A diamond in the rough here like, eesh!

  5. I'd poke it
  6. Double-team? I'd John and Yoko it infinitely. Belting.
  7. There is no fcuking way that's her, that's out of a Roxy magazine.

    91 and 100 would get it, although I think 100 may be about 14.
  8. It could do with updating. I can see from the images of RR users that the only blokes I fancy are UA (in the 1950s) and Rincewind.... who must be the first female I've fallen for! :) :D :twisted: She looks sooooooo masculine! :p
  9. Don't tell me I'm the only person on here using a phot of myself as my avatar??
  10. Nope, mines me also.
  11. Mines from my weekend dress rig.

  12. And me....
  13. Mine is me before I grew some hair, but the 6's are my oppo's. :oops: :(
  14. And me before I lost weight :D
  15. mine on release from pusser
  16. she looks a bit like her
    :bounce: :sign10: :sign10: :sign10:
  17. If it is her, now I know where to find her.....................
  18. I've just clocked the gallery and discovered you can post comments......right then, here we go....I'll be back in a bit!
  19. I hate to single anyone out, but one cannot but wonder what the fcuk was he thinking when he posted this stinker?
  20. What the fcuk is that on his head?

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