The Royal Navy under Clive and Admiral Watson.

Found this extract from a soldiers memoirs regarding an able seaman during the recapture of Calcutta in 1757, the exploits of one sailor made me laugh hugely.

Background, Calcutta retaken but the red fort bridge has been barricaded. RN and RA have breached the barricade, and the army are mustering to storm the breach.

"A common sailor belonging to HMS Kent, having just been served with a quantity of Grog, had his spirits elevated too much to take rest; he therefore strayed by himself to the fort, and imperceptibly got under the walls; being advanced thus far without interruption, he took it into his head to scale at a breach that had been made by the cannon of the ships; and having luckily got upon the bastion, he discovered several men sitting at the platfotm, at whom he flourished his cutlass, and fired his pistol, and then, after giving three loud huzzahs, cried out 'the place is mine'."

An exasperated soldier, no doubt looking forward to a bloody storm or dignified surrender, complained that: "The place was taken without the least honour to anyone"

(Richard Holmes, Sahib)