The Royal Navy today : Writ large here on Navy Net.

Captain Darling

In among the galleons of dross, there have been a couple of good dits and some relevant stuff regarding the nuclear tests
Not forgetting the fact that there are some kids who are better prepared before joining up, some nervous parents put at ease before their entire world leaves home for the Andrew, some juniors who have legitimately sought some career advice, some leavers with pensions advice and some ex-matelots who miss the crack as they go through resettlement and find a bit of solace in reading the banter (like me).

If I want current affairs news (which I sometimes do) I’ll go to the broadsheets/radio 4 or that thinpinstriped line chap…

Civvie dad

As a not too worried parent ( obviously there’s a slight apprehension with a 16 year old going to play with the big boys) I can’t thank you lot enough for the information that both me and the boy have gleaned off here (we both have a very dark sense of humour so a lot of posts are quite funny), especially as it’s not a official “navy voice “ you get to read the bits the afco don’t tell you .The lad understands that there’s c#cks across all of society and I dare say the service isn’t any different