The Royal Navy Officer Application Process

Hi all,
I thought that I would post this for anyone applying/thinking about applying to be a Royal Navy Officer.
The first stage is likely a visit to the Royal Navy website -
Obviously this has a great deal of information regarding career choice. This website, particularly Ninja_Stoker and many of the other posters and mods will more than likely have the answer to your questions.
A trip to your AFCO - Armed Forces Career Office is the next stage. shows you the locations of them all. Your career advisor will give you plenty of information and literature regarding any career path in the RN. Don't be afraid to ask anything that is on your mind. Best to dress in shirt and tie, doesn't hurt to make a good impression.
You will probably have a presentation on what being an Officer in the RN entails. Again, shirt and tie should be worn. It isn’t a particularly long presentation but presents a good opportunity for any more questions or queries to be sorted.
After this comes the Recruit Tests, also known as the Psychometric Tests. Go smart. These really are nothing to be worried about. Work quickly and accurately, and be aware of your timing. The tests consist of mechanical comprehension, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and maths. They aren’t much harder than an 11+ test.
Once these are done you will have several things to do. A 2.4KM timed run at a local gym/fitness centre, under around 11 minutes is fine, although this does vary by age. A medical – urine test, eye test, hearing test, stretches and so on.
The sift interview – wear a suit. Go prepared – know where the Navy are, what they do, a basic knowledge of the different ship and helicopters/fast jet types. The Navy News, the Navy website and Rum Ration are all good sources for this. Be yourself, don’t lie about anything. Be prepared for the ‘kill’ question – how you feel about it and so on. Try and relax as much as you can – easier said than done I know but it does help. Ask on here if you have anymore questions.
Here’s where it will differ – I am applying for Aircew Officer so have just been for my Flight Aptitude Tests at RAF Cranwell. Wear a suit throughout. My advice for these would be, if you can, buy a Nintendo DS and More Brain Training. Do it properly, every day. is a great website for practising speed distance time questions – plenty of these come up. Practise simple maths, but do it as fast as you can. There are lots of tests, feel free to PM me for any more information.
The next step is AIB – Admiralty Interview Board. I haven’t got to this stage yet but there is plenty of information availible here on this site.
If you want any more information then please feel free to post/PM. There are plenty of threads on this site going into more detail regarding this process, but as aforementioned, do feel free to ask.
Whilst all of the above is true, and hopefully will stop inane questions being asked, I do wonder quite how generations of young men (and women) ever passed the AIB before RR and/or the interweb. Frankly, if you find the AIB hard work, then BRNC is going to be a shocker, and your first job will blow your socks off.

My only advice is a quote from Slim:

'Leadership is just plain you.'

Don't sweat the small stuff: if you're good enough we'll have you; if you're not, then no internet mugging up will help. The entire process should be enjoyable, and it isn't actually that hard - the staff won't trip you up, and your ACLO is there to help.

Anyway, I'm sounding distinctly like an old fart, so I'll leave you to it!
Will just point out for others that the order that things are done in may vary as well. I had my medical after my sift interview. Also, I think the PJFT is currently being added into the process. Nice thread though :)
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