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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Smiley_Dougal, Oct 9, 2010.

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  1. Hi Folks,

    I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to acquire the Royal Navy Handbook for AIB in February. It's out of print and they were selling for £100 on Amazon last week. As much as I want to pass my AIB, I can't afford that kind of money! Does anyone know where I can get hold of it for less, or know of an alternative? According to the AIB forum it seems to be essential reading...

    Thanks guys :)

  2. ebay, you can find anything on there :lol:
  3. Yeah, try the gizzits at the AFCO.

    Truth is, when you go to attend the AIB, you don't have to demonstrate absolute knowledge of the RN, you have to demonstrate that you have the potential to become a naval officer. If you look through the Guide to the Ships, Aircraft and Weapons of the Royal Navy you'll have more than enough information to answer the board's questions on your naval knowledge.

    I know Charles Heyes writes some good pocket guides to the UK Armed Forces, they sell in WH Smiths for between £5.00 and £10.00; I think. Although, this same information can be viewed for free on the MoD website and RN website.
  4. I have the royal navy handbook, but to be honest have hardly used it, i find the british warships and auxiliaries much better and its about as in depth as you need to go for the naval knowledge test.

    For ships recognition you need to get hold of Broadsheet, its a forces distributed magazine, it comes with a poster containing every ship we have and all the useful info you need, heres the phone number on the front page, 02076501600, they might be able to help you get one.
  5. AEO chump.... all you will need is a pair of white ovies :wink:
  6. Broadsheet was retitled "Royal Navy Matters" this year and can be seen as a download here:

    Unfortunately, it does not have the super little ships pull-out which Broadsheet had, but never mind - the RN Website still has a downloadable copy of Broadsheet here:

    As a PDF:

    As an E-Mag (handy format - you can turn the pages like with a magazine):

    Great photo pull-out here:

    AND .......

    The super handy ships pull-out here:
  7. Guys thank you,

    I'm now feeling much better. You can't beat free stuff :)

    Thanks for all your help!!!
  8. You could try the library.
  9. I searched every library catalogue in Belfast. Never mind, I'm happy enough now.

    Thanks anyway :)

  10. There were none in all the libraries in Staffordshire either. Luckily Birmingham have a few copies though.

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