The Royal British Legion's AFCS Victory

Hi all,

I just wanted to post a note about some great news.

Today The Royal British Legion announced that it has been victorious in its campaign to improve the compensation scheme for injured Armed Forces personnel.

It all started two years ago, when, with its Honour the Covenant campaign , the Legion drew the public’s attention to the shortcomings of the compensation system, which didn’t truly reflect the amount of debt we owe to our wounded heroes. The Government does, after all, have a life-long duty of care to those men and women making the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

But after the Legion participated in an independent review of the Scheme, things are set to change, with recommendations for serious improvements being fully addressed by the MoD. These potentially life-changing alterations include making lump-sum payments made in cases of pain and suffering more generous, and taking another look at the calculation of awards for multiple injuries from a single incident.

Chris Simpkins, Director General of the Legion, is understandably thrilled with this result, saying: ‘The Legion is very satisfied that the review carefully considered the positions of the Armed Forces charities and experts on the independent group. This is reflected in its findings, which, taken as a package, will lead to substantial improvements.’

Although it’s not yet known how much more money will now be available to the seriously wounded, Chris said that the total is sure to amount to tens of millions of pounds, which is just fantastic!

Check out LegionLive to keep on top of all the latest Armed Forces news :eek:

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