The Rough Bit: The rules.

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Do not post anything likely to bring the site and it's owners into legal difficulty.
Do not attack people because of race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexuality. Racism and homophobia will not be tolerated.

Do not post anything of an operationally or personally sensitive nature if it is not already in the public domain.
Do not post pornography or links to pornographic websites. For other images and videos, consider a Not Safe For Work (NSFW) warning if appropriate.
If you're going to employ 'Forces' or 'Dark' humour, you'd better ensure it is clever and witty.
Sockpuppets will be terminated with extreme prejudice.
Cyber bullying will not be tolerated.
Despite being 'The Rough Bit'. Crayoning should be left to the barge. Derailing threads in Lil's should be avoided.

Bottom line: Although it's more relaxed in here, and rougher than the rest of the site, this is not a free-fire zone, there are rules even in here. The Forum Moderators have the final veto and will remove anything they deem unsuitable and apply infractions or bans where they see fit.
Not open for further replies.
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