The Rock Concert 1986 HMS Ark Royal

I was there, duty killick steward on the day, met Geldolf and his enterage in the bun run for lunch, and got CL to sign a photo of Ark passing Statue of Liberty...she thought I was giving her the pic....!!!...
Would love a copy of DVD if possible..I wax stood outside bridge mess when CL did her bit


I remember Sam Fox on board that was hilarious, she visited the Aircraft Handlers mess - 2 Lima I guess - because they had covered the walls in pictures of her. But then she had to take the lift during her video and the A/C handler driving the lift kept doing the old ecky thump sign behind her (left hand on your bicep and curl your right arm and fist upwards). He was bollocked for doing it twice then they changed the driver - and he did it as well! Brilliant. Great days.
I recall standing underneath one Maggie Philbin and getting a cheeky upskirt
Didn' Cyndi Lauper kick up a stink about performing with missiles in view??
I also recall Leading Cook Charlie (hung like a horse) Williams and i doing darth vadar impressions to Bob Geldof in the wardroom when dinner was served
Derby Allan

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