The Rock Concert 1986 HMS Ark Royal

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by CheefTiff, May 6, 2006.

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  1. Anyone here remember this concert featuring Cindy Lauper, The Pretenders Alison Moyet and Bob Geldof.

    I recently got hold of a dvd (converted from the original tv show probably video recorded by some sad git !) on Ebay.

    It is not bad quality and for anyone that was there - you might even be in it ! ( I was two brief shots whilst Cindy was romping around the fwd a/c lift.

    Anyway anyone who wants a copy - IM me - I'll provide the dvd - you pay postage thats fair isn't it ?
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  2. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I was there, I think they called it Rock around the Rock, very original. Never seen it though. Got a smacker of a kiss from Alison Moyet along with the rest of the ship! My mate upset Cindy Lauper when she overheard him calling her a whining yank, after we had moved her speakers for the 20th time, jesus could she whine. Wasn't Paul Young there too?
  3. Remember it well was on the ARETHUSA at the time spent all afternoon in the piazza getting hammered waiting for The Pretenders to come on they did, sang Dont get me wrong about 8 times. The show was recorded in September and shown on Christmas day. One of my claims to fame been on T.V just after the Queen on Christmas day.
  4. yeah that's right. Paul Young was there. And the Pretenders were brilliant too

    I got a snog with AM but also got one on telly with Cindy Lauper. If you watch carefully you can see me in the dvd.

    Those were the days huh
  5. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    My best memory of that day was chatting with Bob Geldof, I thought he was a complete knob until I met him, he is actually a really genuine bloke with a matlows sense of humour and I have always defended him ever since no matter what the press choose to print about him.

    Ah I miss those days, good trips too. CT I have PM'd you.
  6. I was on the Ark and ended up dancing on stage with 2 other lads and Bob Geldof's backing singers to "Love is a like a rock" as the producer wanted 3 lads with beards. Those girls were well lush.

    Made it onto the TV when it was shown on Xmas day. My wife's Nan could not work out why I was sat at home and 'dancing away' in Gibraltar at the same time. We had to tell her it was filmed earlier in the year. Poor old girl.

    I remember when Ted Robbins was interviewing one of the lads off the Broadsword and asked him what it was like on there and he replied: "F**king shit" Apparently their Jimmy was not impressed.

    I have a nice collection of photos and autographs from the day including one from Bob Geldof which reads 'turn pro' - piss taking git :lol:
  7. yes remember this very well I got stitched for shore patrol and spent a plesent day listening to the local top plod screaming over the patrol wagon radio.Happy day's!!!
  8. I was Boats Party on the Ark at the time and spent most of the day picking up grunters from the other ships alongside,so didnt see much of the concert myself.Paul Young had a couple of tinnys in the mess and the night before we shared a couple of JC's with Alison Moyet,we we're on a Gollies Div run and Nick Noble(CHOPS(EW))managed to sweet talk us into the Holiday Inn(where most of the acts were staying),till the management realised we werent with the official hangers on and turfed us out.
  9. You guys pinched our slot that day :)
    Me and two lads from my mess did the backing vocals with the girls and Bob during rehearsals after hearing the producers say he wanted three sailors up there on stage - the words hadn't left his mouth before we were stood behind Bob with microphone in hand. The song was actually called "Love like a Rocket" And our bit was "Love like a rock, like a rock, like a rocket on fire" (not one of Bob's greats). Sadly, for us, the producer said he wanted sailors with beards for the for the main gig.
    Cyndi Lauper did take my photo that day though (I was flight deck sentry early doors), I gave Paul Young a light and, yes, Cyndi Lauper did whine - at one point she wouldn't get on the forward lift because it was "dangerous" to which the producer said "if it's safe enough for 50 million pounds worth of Harrier, it's safe enough for you - now get on the f***ng lift!"

    Just found teh video on YouTunde: Jo Burt - Bob Geldof "Love Like A Rocket" Ark Royal - YouTube

    Great days indeed.

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  10. He is, he was booked to play Uni of York Central Hall. The hall has an orchestra pit immediately in front of the stage which is covered with planks for any rock gig. ALL acts are warned not to encourage any dancers near to pit for H&S rules and all adhered to this apart from Geldof who told fans to ignore warnings from officialdom. Outcome ?, York lost it's only large rock venue with license revoked due to punters dancing on orchestra pit cover.
  11. Hi, just joined and saw your post while browsing, I was there on Ark for the concert and would love a copy. Can you still deliver?

    best regards rick
  12. I was there with CinC Fleet Band. It was shown on TV that Christmas. Totally surreal playing Xmas tunes in the August Heat.
    There was also good gigs on the beach and Piazza. Have PM'd you CT

  13. I was also in Arethusa at the time. I remember one piazza incident whilst The Pretenders were playing - one of our MEMs was severely weggied then his underwear set alight. The Old Bill chased him up the street, skidders ablaze, into one of the pubs. There was also an incident involving out CO, the CO of a submarine and a car.....A cracking few days before we sailed somewhere or other.
  14. Hi CT i was there that day near the AFT lift. i was on the Apollo on our way down south for Christmas. I remember Sue Robby getting us all to say Merry Christmas in September. Really surreal. I was on the tv as my mum pointed out to all that came to the house. Embarrassing. I would love a copy of the concert tell me how and where to pay shippers. Cheers Titch
  15. Gota love the shorts guys!

  16. Hi,
    Just joined Rum Ration and would be interested in a copy of the concert video. Was there, great times.
    Do you still have copies available.
    But does anyone remember Sam Fox trying to mime to "Touch me" filming her video.
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  17. MrK

    MrK Midshipman

    Hi, I worked on the show and remember it well for the amazing setting and Navy hospitality! Great fun. I also got into trouble as CL saw the set and said that is not what the song 'True Colours' was about. I asked her if she knew any songs about battleships !! I thought it was funny - she did not !!
    I would love a copy DVD of the show!

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