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the robot golf pro


Lantern Swinger
tom having a sly day off work , phones jim and ask's if he would like a round of golf, i'm sorry says jim i'm busy.
so tom goes to his local golf club and asks if he can play with one of the pro's. i'm sorry says the manager but they're all booked, feeling despondent tom says he'd go back home.
the manager says don't do that we have a new robot pro why don't you try that ( no charge ). ok says tom .
teeing up at the first hole the robot says to tom i don't want to interfere sir but if you use a six iron, drop your left shoulder a little more you will do better. tom trys this and gets his first ever hole in one. on the second hole the robot says . i don't want to interfere sir but if you use a nine iron drop your right shoulder a little you will do better, again tom gets a hole in one.
and so on round the course. back in the bar tom buys drinks for everyone and seeks out the manager. i want to book the robot for next monday says tom. certainly says the manager.
next monday tom is nice and early at the course seeks out the manager and asks for the robot. i'm sorry sir says the manager we had to let him go. why says tom, his metallic skin was reflecting the sun and putting other golfers off. says the manager
couldn't you paint him black says tom.
we tried that sir but he started turning up late for work and things were going missing.

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