The Road to Rimini

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Achmed, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. Ladies & Gents, my oppo and I are taking part in a car rally, called the Scally Rally to raise funds for help for heros and the Arrse fund.

    Please donate to this worthy cause at our paypal [email protected]

    As you know the Arrse fund helps all of our services who are in need (without the red tape)

    Thanks in advance
  2. 99 veiws and no takers? :pukel:
  3. Having been bitten before I can imagine the sympathy I would earn saying that I had voluntarily given my hard-earned and now missing money to someone I don't know at an untraceable Hotmail address called beating chastards and I did it because they mentioned Arrse. I am sorry if this sounds cynical Achmed but no.
  4. Not to worry mate,

    however we are registered at we are team 88.
  5. We are up to 165 quid now, :rendeer:
  6. Just got a sponsorship deal from a Diving Equipment manufacturer, Diventure Scuba, they are also auctioning of some wet suits & dive knives.
  7. Up to 200 quid...the support is really tremendose here :bball:
  8. We are really tripping over ourselves with your support......due to accusations of being scammers, if you want to donate please do it through

    You lot really are the Silent Service......LOL :nemo:
  9. Achmed if people wish to give then they will.
    Perhaps many can no longer afford to donate to several charities and like myself have chosen just one or two.
    I am pissed off with being accosted most days by someone or other rattling tins in my face trying to shake me down for cash.
    My money supports my family and their is very little left after bills to give to charities many of which pay these collectors exorbitant fees.
  10. Slim,
    I for one fully agree with your statement, 3 years ago my company colapsed due to clients not paying their bills on time and one of my biggest clients went to the wall taking me with them.

    things are better now and i am getting on my feet, one of the reasons why i am raising money for Help for Hero's and the ARRSE Fund is that people are loosing son's & daughter's and limbs and my problems compared to their's was nothing.

    The government is not providing the help or support required.....I am trying to do something.

    Thank you for you honesty at least you have had the courage to challenge what i am doing unlike the silence from alot of RR.

    But the one's that have donated or have pledged support us many many thanks.
  11. Achmed
    Sadly for you but luckily for me I am not a UK tax payer but GBP25 on its way. All the best
  12. Thank you Rab, you are in deed a Hero in my books........I have escaped the lierber gobment and like yourself an Exile.

    Many thanks

  13. we are uo to 590 and i am happy to report that Rum Ration is doing its self proud :bball:
  14. Achmed have a damned good trip, some dosh duly put in the coffers. Like Rab no tax breaks from me :thumright:
  15. Looks like we have had 927 hits from Rum Ration, If we had a quid per hit we would be half way to our Goal.

    A small amount added to lots of other small amounts make a large amount,

    Please help us Help Them Out.......or should we start a fund for Rosinacarly's Pussy....
  16. We are nearly up to a grand...not that most of you Jacks are interested of course!! :pukel:

    This time next week Achmed & Charliechimp will racing across europe raising money for Help 4 Hero,s & Help Them Out. :whew:

    So Rather than ignore us throw some money our way.....or at least tell us to fcuk off and get a proper job or something :rendeer: This is for Help 4 Hero's

    Paypay [email protected]
  17. Oh Dear more ignorance :tp: but never mind!! right then Jack Just to let you know we did in deed complete the Scally Rally coming 2nd and most of all raising a grand for H4H & HTO for the very very few who donated thank you very much, and for those of you who read the threads and just passed by, well I just hope life treats you kindly as Ignorance is bliss.

    Thats why Deano and I decided to act and raise some funds to try and make a difference to those who's lives have been shattered by the nasty stuff thats is happening to our service boys & girls at the moment....there pi$$ poor treatment is something we can not ignore.

    If any of you are going to the Breast Cancer Care fashion on oct 1st show we will see you there......(i fecking doubt it)

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