The RN is gash

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by mcyates, Nov 29, 2008.

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  1. I've spent nearly 9 years in the Navy and 1 year as a leading hand. I make one mistake and they are threatening me with my rate, taking my rate from me. It was during a traning war on Thursay.

    I thought training wars were for learning, obviously not. The people up top are *****.

    Anyway if I **** up up again then i'll be demoted to an AB which means i'll wrap my tits in and i'll try everything to get of my ship.

    I hate the peoplle above me, basically they want me to be a **** to the lads below me but I'm not like that, I like to get on with the lads below me and I like to go out on the piss with them.

    But this is a problem fot the people above me, they keep telling me I am not one of the lads anymore and I should be giving them more direction. I tell them what to do, they do it so where is the problem?

    If they try to take my rate off me I will fight it, i'm not going to just sit down and let them take it off me, I have worked for 1 year passing numerous exams to get my rate and i'm not going to lose it just because I plugged some wires in the wrong through bulkhead connection on a pretend war.

    Basically we have they things called EDP (Electrical Distributuon Panels) which house fuses and breakers which supply services like Steering gear and HPSW Pumps.

    During a war one of these lost all power and each EDP has an utput supply of 440v and an input of 44v at the bottom of the panel. Anyway, I plugged in the emergency cables into the output of the EDp which requiered power. and put it through a through bulkhead connection but the wrong one. We have 4 going through the wallls (bulkeads) of the ship one above the other.

    They look like this

    + R R +
    + Y Y +
    + B B +

    + R R +
    + Y Y +
    + B B +

    R, Y and B are the electrical phases , Red Yellow and bbue. I basially put my electircal cables into the bottom left connections and the correct ones where the top right. So i got a bollocking and the MEO (Marine Engineering Officer) has threatened to take my rate of me if I **** up again.

    I think its shit and i'm going to fight it if they try to take my rate from me.

    Also all we are doing at the moment is cleaning, we are doing DCT at the moment and its constantly cleaning. We do the exercises and we get picked up as we are not 100% what we are doing. I put this down to getting then ship rather than spending time training us on what we are supposed to do.


    Has anyone left the Navy think its better, I want to work on the rigs or be a LVG/HVG driver?

    Just needed to get this off my chest. v
  2. Re: The RN is shit

    Let me see if I read you correct.............

    you had three cables to connect and you got it wrong..........and your a killick?
  3. Re: The RN is shit

    Calm down, you'll break into a sweat!

    Feel better for the spleen vent? Hope so.
  4. Re: The RN is shit

    Not only that mate, but it was effing dangerous too.
  5. Re: The RN is shit

    Yes thats correct my brief was **** all he said was use the inboard cable so I did, didn't say there was two inboard through bulkhead connections.
  6. Re: The RN is shit

    And you're a killick?
    I despair.
  7. Re: The RN is shit

    Only 440v I had rubber gloves on (10 years old) and the caps where on the other side.

    Whats the fuss?
  8. Re: The RN is shit

    Seems like a normal Thursday war bollocking to me.

    Officers are normally in an exited state during work up.

    Once the work up is finished and your away from the stresses of long working days it will be nought but a bad memory.
  9. Re: The RN is shit

    I''m not an "l" and not an "m" i'm a common.

    If the brief was better then I would not have fucked up.
  10. Re: The RN is shit

    The fuss is that I'm a POMEM(L) and YOU are an effing dangerous little prick.
    Don't you know simple, basic, electrical safety?
  11. Re: The RN is shit

    It's nice to hear that sea training still involves a lot of scrubbing out. Somethings never change eh?

    Sorry chap, heart bleeds purple piss.
  12. Re: The RN is shit

    It was just one mistake I was pushed for time. My headlamp was not working and the passageway 2k was in darkness. I was using my torch, I just put it into the first connection I seen.
  13. Re: The RN is shit

    Yes I do understand basic electrical safety but like I said if the brief was better from ym POMEM(L) then I would not had made the "big" mistake.

    Not suprisingly we got a BS for the Electical part of the serial.
  14. Re: The RN is shit

    Don't get me wrong I know some so-called POMEM(L)s that are really MEMOCs with an L badge, but FFS you are MEANT to be a killick!
    Lead by example, be the one people can trust, and DO NOT blame other people for your own feck ups! Own up say sorry and you will be more respected.
  15. Re: The RN is shit

    I take it you passed Killicks course?

    You're coming across as someone a bit lacking.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: The RN is shit

    Oh dear.

    Found your tropics yet?
  17. Re: The RN is shit

    ahhh the world of middle management.

    To give you some balance, you are caught between two worlds. Above you expects you to be their mouthpiece and lead your guys into doing it. They feel that if they ask you to carry out an unpleasant or even dangerous task, you cannot be too close to your subordinates. Killicks are the new PO, you are the hammer that knocks the nail in.

    If you've only had your rate a while, you may be serving with guys who knew you as a lad, which makes it difficult to be around them in the work environment, esp if you mess with them as well. This will change after you go to your next draft, where you probably will not know everyone in your dept, and the lads will not know you. You don't say if you did L/H course or leadership yet, but if you go on SRCC you will see what attitude they are requiring. It may be outdated, and not a lot of use in the technical trades but they employ a different path of man management than civvy street and those policies are decided by committees with not many killicks.... (i.e. NONE)

    Appreciate that the MEO and his deps are under a lot of pressure in these evolutions, if you think you caught a bollocking for a relatively minor transgression, imagine his position when the Jimmy, Capt or a FOSTie gave him an UNSAT for something a killick let him or his dept down on. I grant you that the manager that does not turn round a crap all over the person that brought him this problem is indeed sage and patient, but we all know the truth, we get it in the neck so we spread it around. You know what the potential consequences of supplying an AC motor or pump with the phases cocked up are, so take the ball-acher and use it as fodder to concentrate your mind next time you're under pressure in an EX. When you are a senior rate you will look back and wish for the days before you had a budget, dept, PLR and staff.....

    Lastly, Civvy street is full of the same BS, you are tasked off by your Boss to be a line leader and have to turn round and crap all over the lads so he can see you did it. The trick is to balance the needs of being a strong leader with being able to be mates with at least some that you work with.

    Best of luck with it mate, don't make any hasty decisions, have a :beer: and sleep on it a few.....
  18. Re: The RN is shit

    I have appoligised. But the thing is, someone said if I **** up again then I will lose my rate. Thets what this other POMEM(L) said to me. So thats a lot of pressure on me, rigging cables it easy, I just needed a better brief. I have not rigged the cables before so it was a first for me.

    I'm only planning on doing 12 years, just another 3 left from April 2009. There is too much bollocks and cleaning and yes sir, no sir thre bags full sir. My mouth has got me into trouble the past week as I had disagreed with what people havce said.
  19. Re: The RN is shit

    Yes I did, the new LET course where you lear stuff to forget.
  20. Re: The RN is shit

    You're saying that you've been in the mob for 9 years as a stoker and have NEVER run any emergency cables before?
    Don't believe you.

    Oh, and btw, that POMEM(L) was just saying that because he's worried that he didn't give you a thorough brief, and also because he didn't check to see how much of a feckwit you really are.

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