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    I wandered down to Seacombe prom to watch the ships glide by
    It was a pleasant summers day, warm sun and clear blue sky.
    I placed my elbows on the rail and gazed down upon the shore
    and then I blinked my eyes and blinked and blinked some more.

    What there was in front of me I couldn't understand,
    for where the Mersey used to be, was miles and miles of sand.
    The Harbour Master was standing there, gold braid upon his sleeve,
    he said " something's happened here that I just can't believe.

    I heard some funny sounds last night, like gurgle, glug glug glug
    and when I looked around this morning, I found just sand and mud.
    The fish were flapping in the mud down on the river bed,
    they couldn't find a place to swim and the seagulls were overfed.
    The ships lay on the bottom and the sailors scratched their heads,
    some were pretty sand sick and had taken to their beds.

    All of Merseyside turned out looking for a leak,
    we even found some Welshmen when the search was at its peak.
    At last a little lad shouted whilst lying on his belly,
    "I've found the bung and fixed the leak, I've used a stale wet nelly".
    Then up spoke the Harbour Master "I want you to listen to me,
    the only way to get the water back is to carry it from the Sea.

    So we all went home for buckets and formed a great long chain
    and we passed the buckets back and forth and passed them back again.
    All those buckets of water, were poured on the Mersey floor,
    till the river was filled up to the brim and there wasn't room for more.
    We all worked on for hours and hours and the job took near a week
    and that's the tale, I kid you not, when the Mersey sprang a leak!


    Wet Nelly = a type of cake. :)
  2. Another great poem Salty - and very funny to boot! :lol:


    Wet Nellie - is it really a cake or what I think it is? :wink:
  3. Yes Steve it`s a cake, it`s about one inch and a half thick, cut square
    with the consistancy of xmas puddin` (but more moist) set on a square of pastry, sometimes one on top and one below, :) Bob
  4. sorry I forgot, it`s really called, --Nelson cake.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I thought it was Navy Cake
  6. Grinned, I thought you would :)
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Steve will want some :roll: :roll: :roll:

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