The Riots

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Aug 8, 2011.

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  1. Is there any more obnoxious MP than David Lammy the MP for the area of the riots.
    He said 5 mins ago on the BBC News that a murder was committed in Tottenham.
    Lets get it straight! A man in a stopped taxi opened fire on the police hitting an officer in the body armour,another policeman returned fire killing the gunman and a Labour MP, a former Minister,calls it murder.
    If ever you have doubts about removing the Labour Goons you have to look at statements like this from so called responsible MP's.
    This one is an idiot! who does nothing for race relations with comments as stupid as this.
  2. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I heard that the young man in question was a marketing manager for an independant pharmaceutical suplier. Also he was gunned down without his social worker having been consulted, a written risk assesment being submitted and a full community consultation.

    There is a fundamental issue here of inner city youths who have little hope in life and less ambition. To illiustrate if I was going on a looting spree to demonstrate my outrage at being treated like a criminal, I would set my sights a little higher than Argos.

    Also it is well known that the police were spoiling for a fight, they hate sitting in the police station at night drinking tea.
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Discuss? :?
  4. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Let's. There now less certainty about the chain of events or provenance of the round in the radio. Remember the uninformed bollocks seeded by the police that followed the shooting Jean Charles de Menedes?

    However looking at the deceased's 'gangsta' pose picture posted on ARRSE here is a book you can judge by its cover. Good riddance.
  5. Far too much prevaricating with rent-a-mob, it’s time to deploy the water- cannon and clear the streets of this scum.
  6. Bollox to water cannon get the AW .50 out!
  7. I disagree. Bring out teh cavalry. Mounted coppers or Household. it doesn't matter. watching Chavs running from charging cavalry is always decent
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  8. Just as long as the scum are not armed with pockets full of marbles,

    I used to have a grand collection of them when I was a lad and some of them were real works of art with all those beautiful swirls of coloured glass.

  9. No offense but have you lost yours?

    I agree, it's time the kid gloves came off with these morons.
  10. FFS Finks

    surely the Police over reacted with just the one of their officers being shot (so far)!

    i am disappointed in you :-|

  11. this is what happens when the police have their hands tied and the human rights of the rioters is put above the safety of the community.

    bottle the rioters up, arrest them ALL(if they are in the area they are unlikely to just be out for a stroll after dinner), emergency courts overnight and prosecute them - in the morning they should be put in orange overalls and handcuffs and be paraded through the streets they have trashed so everybody knows who these scum are.
  12. Armed with brooms and gash bags to clear the mess up.
  13. Agreed. Now is the chance for the Government/Police to change their SOP's and finally get tough, I'm sure public opinion will back them up.
  14. Why stop at the water cannon..lets crack open the plastic bullets..nothing is to good for these morons!!
  15. I'm sure there are a few Alsatians who would love a run-out too - it will be good training for them and their handlers. Come to think of it there are probably a few thousand riot trained squaddies that would love a run-out aswel!
  16. So these "riots" are nothing to do with training for the Triatholon next year.
  17. His partner said on prime time news...If he had a gun in his hand the police should have shot him in the hand ..not his belly.....

    You couldn't make it up

  18. It's starting to spread wider. Local news is reporting cars on fire in Ealing (West London), shops and flats on fire in Woolwich (South-East), Police and rioters battling it out in Camden/Motorists being attacked with bricks, Sainsbury's being ransacked there (Central/N-W), cars on fire in Croydon (South-East), someone has been shot there, shopkeepers in Dalston (East) defending their shops against rioters. Part of the DLR has been closed off.

    What IS going on?
  19. There was a rumour up here (Nottingham) of rioting, but it was debunked. confusion all round

    That's how to do it. S.Korean police, so the vid says

    Send in the Pongo Young Officers. The most popular exercise at Sandhurst is the riot control one, apparently. They can do it for real then
  20. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    It would appear to me that over the last few years respect for the Police and any form of Authority has been sadly lacking. This is a result of the weak knee'd Politicians trying to curry favour with some minority groups. The Police are there to 'protect' the general public, and to maintain the rule of Law. It's about time that they did just whatever means. These criminals, that's what they are, must not be allowed to cause such mayhem. I heard a comment on the TV saying ' parents should ask their children to stay home and keep off the streets'. What sort of parents are there out there ?

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