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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Benny687, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. im not too bad on the training front, ive got a good armoury of training methods to play with and tend to keep it varied and interesting.

    however, im a bit crap when it comes to food. i train hard 5 times a week, combination of running, upperbody circuits / pyramids and MMA. but im noticing big differences in my level week to week. over the past few weeks ive had everything from throwing up halfway through a run that ive done countless times, felt absolutely drained in a padwork session that normally is one of my favourite workouts, and this morning ive done a 3miler that felt great.

    im blaming this on my diet because to be honest i havnt got much of a clue. i dont pay much attention to what i eat and im a 20 year old heterosexual from yorkshire so my cooking skills are...err....minimal.

    ive got a basic grasp, and know that i need protien, carbs, etc...but beyond that im a bit crap.

    anyone got any more knowledge in this area?
    im asking in here for first hand experience, sitting down and reading one of these fitness eating books tends to bore me to tears.

    all advice gratefully recieved

  3. Benny

    I hear what your saying. Young man, training hard, out on the piss with the lads a lot..........Not much time to worry about a balanced diet?

    The good thing is you want to eat plenty of scoff - certainly 4 meals a day anyway. You need to find good a mix between complex carbohydrates (avoid simple carbs which are mainly sugar based) and proteins, but you also need EFA's (essential fatty acids) including Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils.

    Below is a list of some decent foods. Just try to include them into your diet as much as possible. Look to consume more carbs pre workout to give you energy and more protein post workout to aid in recovery.


    Wholegrain Pasta
    Brown rice
    Wholemeal / granary/ brown bread
    Wholegrain and high fiber breakfast cereals & Porridge


    Chicken breast (skinless)


    Omega 3 & 6 from Flax seen oil

    Omega 9 from olives, avocados, almonds, peanuts, sesame oil, pecans, pistachio nuts, cashews,

    I would advise getting your EFA's from 2 tablespoons of flax seed oil per day. If your training hard I would reccomend supplement your protein intake with powder (go for something like Reflex Whey) and for your carbs, load up on good wholegrain pasta and bread like Ive shown above.

    Good luck and PM me if you want to know anything more specific.

  4. Oh rats! I thought this was a thread about muffins, and doughtnuts, and cookies, and chocolate.

    How dull.
  5. To Spennys list I would add.....brazil nuts, 8 of these have as much protein as a lean turkey steak and are packed with selenium.
    For light snacking get some dried fruit, prunes and dates, packed with essential anti-oxidants to keep the body healthy, best of all they are dirt cheap, Holland and Barrat are best for supplies as they ALWAYS have special offers on.
  6. yes it would. i would know how to make hotpot, and get shagged up the council gritter during my lunch breaks.

    cheers for that list spenny, ive printed it off i think its going to prove very helpful.

    as an addition, whats the score with fruit? i get my five a day an all that, but would more or less be usefull with a bust training schedule?


    P.S sorry to dissapoint rosey
  7. Sorry to go against the fitties in here, but as far as I am aware protein shakes and brazil nuts are the icing on the cake (so to speak!). It's a bit like taking a crap golfer and expecting him to play brilliantly with a set of Pings and a Titleist "Go Further Than Any Other Bastard" ball - it won't make any difference. If you're a competition-class athlete then knock yourself out, but if not then use common sense. We all know what is good for us and what is bad for us - it's not rocket science. Eat little and often, don't go for a run within about 3 hours of eating a bigger meal cos you'll hurl, and drink plenty of water. If you're going to go out on the beer regularly then worrying about protein shakes is a waste of time.

    And now I'm waiting for everyone to come back with "I was skinny then I started paying £40 a pop for tubs of protein shake and now I'm huge". If you pay £40 for a tub of milkshake that says it'll make you massive if you take it and go to the gym 5 times a week, then the £40 alone will make you go to the gym 5 times a week. So the protein shake is doing bugger all - the £40 less in your pocket makes you do more phys and drink less beer!

    Just my musings...

  8. Hmmmmmm. I see where your coming from Doc and to an extent I agree. If you fck your body with an intense phys schedule but dont eat properly then its like filling a Ferrari with Diesel - its just not going to run properly!! Being young will get you away with it for so long, but your body will give up eventually. However part of being young and being in a unit like the Royal Marines is going out on the piss - OFTEN!! :thumright:

    Unlike the body beautiful brigade who take 2 or 3 different types of protein at various times of the day to get pumped up, I take immediately after phys purely for recovery.

    My understanding of it: When you exercise your muscles break down and re-build themselves to be bigger and stronger, but with a constant and intense exercise schedule they cant do this properly.
    This is why eating or supplementing protein (which is the building blocks of muscle) is so important to aid recovery, as it helps re-build the broken down muscle tissue. Its also why proper rest days and 8hrs sleep per night is essential, as thats when your body repairs itself.
  9. Bit boring this but i think when your a young 19 year old you can pretty much get away wih eating anything and still keep to a reasonable level of fitness. My soldiering career was between 17 and 24 and there was a necessity to eat when i could to keep to fuel levels at an appropriate level. This included 4 meals per day at CTC plus duchies and a few choice sherry trifles for the fat content.

    Now, aged 35 my guts are fucked and i cant really eat any meat or drink very much alcohol as the consequences are explosive to say the least.

    My point is try to maintain a reasonable diet even though you are training regularly and if you aren't in the field FFS dont wolf your scran down as your body can only cope for a matter of time.
  10. Ive got to agree with this. Im not aiming to get massive through using the protein powder (im im successful with my application i thought it would just mean more of me to shoot at....) but training 5 times a week means little time for recovery and rebuilding, and downing some straight after a workout has helped.

    having read spennys reply ive done a bit of shopping and sorted myself out with stuff that should give me all the correct carbs and protein. my question now is eating times. generally train at about 7.30 am before starting work at 10 and working through til 9. my original thoughts were to take on carbs in evening meal after work, but heard this is a bad idea. and with what spenny says about recovering while sleeping im wondering if i should load on the carbs during the day at protein in the evening.

    any ideas?
  11. I have a diet tip
    i just eat eating 5 portions of fruit a day so i just slap it in a liquidizer with soyer milk and bingo it really has an effect, ( but dont add vodka to it curdles the milk)

  12. "Does it go with chips"
    (has the new fangled named PO(CA) from POSA(V) used to say when you wanted to change your steaming wellies.
  13. Diet tips....... is this thread for real. Are we sailors or crabs. Got a new idea, in light of this kind of thread, how about makeup tips, im sure the wife could do your blusher for you.
    Drink Rum, Shag whores and dress like a pirate. If you don't like it then transfer to the light blue
  14. chirp, can i take you out sometime? quiet candle lit dinner somewhere? PM me...

  15. yes candles, that would be good.........but only if its 5 whores at the same time, and we have strabs and cream. This C/S is all about the legend. Rmbr you can never go too far!!!!!!

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