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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. Does the modern navy still use the request form?
    Remember having lots of fun with them, one in particular when a young guy joined the ship and lit up a pipe. Told by the killick of the mess that he was required to slap in a request form to be allowed to do this on board. He was kept busy for days, lectures from the doc on the health issues, from damage control officer on fire dangers, you name a department and he visited it. This wasn't a small ship but HMS eagle in 1965. Still something useful came from it, by the time his request had been approved he certainly knew his way around Eagle
  2. you mean like this?

  3. Looks like a man after my own heart andym. Carry a request form at all times just in case you feel the need to Stick in & slap thepadre
  4. Never leave home with out one Shippers!
  5. Back in the days of yore a rarely used but effective weapon was to slap in a request to be tranferred to any other ship or establishment in the RN. If more than one person did it alarm bells rang loud and clear in the bun house.

    I do not know if it still applies but as I understood it a request if denied could then be taken onto the next command. i.e. if a submarine skipper refused your request then you could go on to Capt S/M 1 etc. all the way up the line until you got to the Board of the Admiralty.

    Of course some MAA or Reggie may know different.

  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Request forms could also backfire, I remember myself and a mate, slapping in for every call for volunteers that came out on orders, in attempt to escape a brief stay in the Comcen at Dolphin.
    Everyone was kicked back with the excuse that We couldn't be spared from watchkeeping duties.

    We ploughed manfully on with request after request until the Chief Sparker gave up and volunteered us without our knowledge.
    We ended up in a just above freezing swimming pool at Lee on Solent, with a 14 knot refrigerated breeze blowing across it, doing comparison tests between the Submariners survival suit and the one man aircrew dingy. I've never been so cold in my life. The good news was that you got a neat tot when you came out of the pool after 3 hours and another neat one back at the mess later.

    The other good news was that we had to swallow a pill sized radio to let them keep an eye on our body tempeture. We got 10 bob (50p to the youngsters) for returning the radio, ah the joys of trying to crap into a plastic bag whilst in a hover like position over the crapper, I'll leave the fun of finding the pill to your imagination. Still 10 bob paid for a night ashore in 1964
  7. SPLASH TARGET COXN comes to mind ......
  8. Oh the nostalgia :roll:
  9. Slapping in the notice was a liberating feeling, immediately ROMFT, DSMSMR.
  10. Still use request forms although not quite as liberally as "in days of yore" as Nutty put's it. A request can be deined and individuals still retain the right to complain about the decision to the next level of command although they should have goot reasons for doing so.

    Re janners "We got 10 bob (50p to the youngsters) for returning the radio, ah the joys of trying to crap into a plastic bag whilst .... ". So what you're saying is that they were re-used? I hope they were well cleaned mate!

  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I was lucky, first in the queue, we did two tests each and hadn't passed the first one before we took the second. The pill was wrapped in a small rubber finger stall type thing
  12. Also remember a good dit from a guy who served with Prince Charles when he was a Lt; can't remember which ship he said it was.

    Charlie's division used to request all sorts on a regular basis - start shaving, stop shaving, leave, swap kit, etc - anything to get him to sign a request form. These forms were then used in lieu of beer tokens whenever they hit the states. The yanks used to lap them up. :lol:

    Thing is HRH knew what they were up to and let it pass as standard Naval larking about.

  13. Ermmm. For 50p???????? No way Jose! :roll:
  14. wasn't there another story about Charles, when someone wanted to state a complaint, & he replied well how far up do you want to go, as my mother is the next step!

  15. The memmories , I'd almost forgot what they looked like , :p

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