The Rendlesham Incident

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by IB08, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. Quite a big incident with the UFO fraternity. There have been several reconstructions of this incident on various documentary channels on SKY (possibly National Geographic ?), with the tape recording made at the time by the American officer involved. They tried to explain it at the time as a nearby lighthouse, but IIRC, lighthouses don't move ? Saw files about it at the MoD, but they were heavily censored. Google gave 13100 hits on "Rendlesham Forest", most of the ones I had a quick flick through were UFO related - take your pick.
  2. It defintely throws up some interesting things. I for one am convinced of it being the most legitimate british UFO sighting. I agree about the lighthouse thing, total b*lls*te. I think the MOD have heavily edited the files they have released, Im convinced that someone at Whitehall knows what went on there. A RAF project aurora maybe, or ET. Who knows. Its interesting to know that only the UK and French governments have officials investigating UFOs. (The yanks probably do, but dont admit to it).
  3. They used to - Project BLUE BOOK. IIRC, there was an American TV series in the 50/60s, where a major and down to earth (NO PUN INTENDED) sergeant investigated the sightings, which always left you in doubt as to whether it was true or not: maybe it was called UFO or something similar (NOT the crap British series of the same name)? Some of the older generation may remember it ?
  4. Interesting, I guess they have now shut the project down. As far as I know, the British Government still investigates UFOS.

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