The Register: "Electric Plane-Flinger For US And Royal Navies Doing Well"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Oct 1, 2011.

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  1. No doubt there are and will be a lot of crossed fingers on this venture!
  2. I wonder what else it could throw..
  3. 46c0d3bb02a31.jpg

    If it can be done by steam it can be done with electrickery
  4. special5.jpg

    Saw something like this, in yellow,being flung of the old Ark
  5. There used to be a couple of those. It used to bring the dockyard to a standstill (not that the dockies moved very fast) when they were throwing them off the Ark.

    They were rusting away in South Yard for donkey's years.
  6. The dreaded deadloads lol, used to be a laugh watching those trials in Pompey. I do remember (pic missing) an old piano getting waved off the Vic. Yes the old deadloads were painted yellow.
  7. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Mr Page writes
    Er, no. The ships will be propelled by electric motors. Gas turbines will be the prime movers for 2 of the 6 11kV alternators.

    Excuse me while I yell; KNOB.

    I seem to recall that the US will require that we share the R&D cost of EMALs if we buy it so it won't be 'cheap'.
  8. Brilliant pics, I do have most of them somewhere Soleil, I was looking at the list of the sick bay tiffies, trying to remember the name of "Danny", he was a character alright. The old Vic was certainly a very handsome ship.
  9. The Older Ark fired off a piano with two dummies in evening suits. Part of the Peter Cook and dudley Moore show. The dummies first evening suits went missing during the middle watch.
  10. Pete n Dud do the Ark Royal - YouTube
  11. ====================================================


    Without wishing to come across as all stroppy...

    I seem to recall that, O U A T, there were some concerns (these days that would be 'issues' :roll:) about the rising costs of those old steam cat launching strops being 'wasted': One ending up in D Jones's Locker at every launch.

    Didn't someone bright spark invent a patent bow-strop-catching-net, or similar, and thus ensure everlasting glory for himself in the history of the FAA and a Herbie Lott Pewter Tankard, too?

    And - Will these new electro-magneteric launch cat systems need suchlike strops/recovery nets?

    Out of my realm but just curious ... After all, I once proudly wore a cap tally with 'VICTORIOUS' embroidered in gold thread upon it, albeit preceded by 'TS' :blush: :blush:

  12. You are quite correct, the Old Ark had them fitted. Will forward your suggestion,( For the QE Carriers) of recovery nets onto "Scouse" who will recommend you for the Herbert Lott prize. Believe the prize this year is an ELWE at an Aggie Westons of your choice.:-D
  13. The Vic also had one fitted on the port cat, known to all as the Bullhorn.

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