The Register: "Duff French Missiles For RN Finally Fixed"

Re: The Register: "Duff French Missiles For RN Finally Fixed

Got to love journalists descriptions of the Daring class (even if it is, ironically, rather apt )

the Navy's new billion-pound gunboats
Gah. I didn't check the author before reading that, and as i read more and more I thought...."wait, this person's been reading too much Lewis Page"...

nope, I was wrong, it WAS Lewis Page. Nice to see even he had to admit success in trials.
"The Type 45s, however, will still possess no ability to engage surface targets or ones ashore with guided weapons: they will be almost entirely air-defence ships, with some secondary capabilities delivered via their guns and embarked helicopters. It was originally hoped that the destroyers might carry Tomahawk cruise missiles for surface combat and land-attack purposes, but owing to the selection of the Aster missile this isn't simple: had the rival American Standard been chosen the same launch tubes would have done for Tomahawks too, but this is not the case with Aster's "Sylver" launchers."

Am I missing something or isn't that the whole bloody point of the Type 45?
But the Slyver launchers can take Storm Shadow, which is also in the UK inventory, and have already been cleared for launch from PAAMS. The question is, why would you want to? I'd rather have the T26 have a precision attack capability, as the T45 won't be going too far from the Carrier....

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