The Red Sailor

I knew a Taff Maulson, once. Can't remember when or where. Stirling, were you in the Fife about '72?. I came out of DQs and joined her straight from there on the back of a Pusser's truck. She was in dry dock. I think.
My long term memory is sharp as a pin Slinger , the day you joined Fife me and Andy C took you ashore , also remember your dit about.....I will PM you later today.
I must apologise profusely if I whet your salivary gland re: Red Sailor
As I do have a copy which I would not dream of parting with. I acquired it whilst serving in Chatham Barracks in 1965. I read it so many times that the spine broke and all the pages fell apart. As a consequence I managed more by luck than judgement to find a copy at a jumble sale. It is a treasured possession. I wish you well in finding another, must be a classic matelot
Story to which we must all identify with.
I recently put up a pdf copy of the book - look under (erm) The Red Sailor.

Personally (and others agreed) I thought it was poorly written crap, despite having been to many of the places he went to, oh yes Sir! And what happened to the Japanese bird?
No Rats - it is HERE, on this site! And free! I'm on a small machine at the moment and can't do links. Search for The Red Sailor, posted by me in September. It is a pdf file but easy to read on your PC. Still crap though!
Hi Old Sparky, tThe plot is about Jack smuggling gold, then being caught up in the Korean War and then dying. An absolutely superb appraisal of Jacks
Runs ashore and his falling in love with a lovely Chinese girl. I have a copy
that I treasure beyond any other read. You may strike lucky by trawling through second- hand shops or even car boots. Good luck and a happy 2018

Funky off the Kent