The Red Sailor

Discussion in 'History' started by w.anchor, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. Can any one help me find a copy of the Red Sailor by Patrick O'Hara .First published 1963, last published by Panther books 1971.
    Ive tried Amazon and eBay with no joy.
  2. Mmmm, the Book of Sailors looks more interesting.... oh, but hold on, its for children. :oops: :roll:
  3. I too have been looking for this book for some time. I remember reading it years ago (late sixties,early seventies) as I recall it was one of very few novels that really captured life as a matelot in the Far East Fleet. The theme (I could be wrong) was about sailors getting caught up in drug smuggling into Hong Kong??
  4. Blody shiite thingy for one second there I thought you where going to help
  5. I reccomend that you try It's basically a second hand book store but it pretty much has everything you want in a book store including the hard to find.
  6. I might have done, but then I forgot what the book was about! :oops: One of those senior moments!
  7. It,s one of the best books written about Jack from the 1950,s to 1960,s very funny and a good description of life in Portsmouth D.Q.s. When I was in the Mob it was a must read.Thanks for the help Happy Christmas.
  8. w.anchor,

    It just so happens I do have a copy of the said 'The Red Sailor' which you can have buckshee, but you will have to pay the postage whatever that comes to. Around £2-£2.50 I would imagine as its only a very slim volume.
    Anyway buddy PM me to exchange addresses and I will get it to you okay?
    Once you have read it perhaps you can do the same for others on RR who want to read this classic which only cost 3/6d back in 1966 lol.

    Yours aye

  10. Yes I have a copy of the red sailor by Patrick O'Hara, it cost me an arm and a leg and many hours of searching. The book is, as far as I am concerned, priceless.
  11. Patrick O Hara also wrote some other books apart from the Red sailor, ie: "I got no brother" about his time in Borstal. "The Wake of the Gertrude Luth", " The Yangtze Run" both about merchantmen. "The Wohldorf shipment" which is a U Boat story . He has also written a book called "God came on friday" but I have'nt seen it.
  12. Yep! so was Janet and John but Terry Wogan seems to have made them fit for an adult audience!
  13. Proper Sailor :thumright: and Submariner B/Z :salut:
  14. Hi,

    Do you still have the copy of the Red Sailor? I have been looking for a while.
  15. I remember reading it, and I think I'm right in saying that it was the sequel to Red Sailor.
  16. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I am still looking for a copy of 'The Red Sailor', can't seem to find one anywhere. Anyone got a copy that I could read and then return? I'd be most grateful.
  17. Granny I have a copy that I've read. One of the lads on this site kindly gave it to me on the understanding that I passed it on. pm me your address and I will send it to you. :thumright:
  18. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    cheers mate. Iv'e pm my address hope you get it.
  19. Got your pm it will be in the post asap no charge delivery to me was free.
    I hope you enjoy it and pass it on if you can. :thumright:

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