The Red Hand of Ulster

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by hobbit, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. No doubt some will recall the familiar Red Hand on the war canoes running out of 'Derry. There is a story behing the heraldic image of course and it has something similar in the ' good book'. The Irish side is attributed to myth or legend but a good dit nevertheless. As with most dits there is a version from the ' other side'.

    So it was that the two men agreed to have a horse race to decide who was going to be the King of Ulster.

    ‘‘The race will begin at sunrise,’’ said the High King. ‘‘You will start here at my castle. Listen carefully. The winner will be the first man to put his hand on Ulster.’’

    The red hand of Ulster

    This, rather crudely, is what happens when you masturbate a woman who is menstruating. I first heard it in Northern Ireland, which, I imagine, is its obvious place of origin and relates to the Ulster flag.

    'Don't go there!'
    'You'll get the red hand of ulster!'
  2. What's this all about? Where is it leading? Why do I care?
  3. Why's it in Quarterdeck ? Gash Barge more likely !!

    MOD it !!

  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Think Hobbit has got a red hand from posting pointless links from t'interweb... :roll:
  5. Not only the Derry squadron Hobbit. We sported a large red hand on both sides of our funnel too.
    HMS Ulster - America and West Indies station 1958 - 60.
    50th anniversary re-union next October in Torquay, hotel already booked. Any ex Ulsters ('58 commission) out there want info, PM me or google HMS Ulster to see the web site.

  6. Are we confusing red hand with red wings?
  7. I'm frighteningly old enough to remember seeing HMS ULSTER (V & W Class) alongside in GUZ. I think she was classed as a Fleet Despatch Frigate at the time.

    There clearly weren't any Philadelphia lawyers around in those days!

    It was clearly a draw! It should have been subject to a re-match (except that Neill had already thrown his hand in).

    Can we assume that Neill was left handed?
  8. No. That's Welsh dragons (have you ever seen my mother-in-law?).
  9. Tried to Google HMS Ulster 2BM but got repeated 404 errors. Did get one strike with the ship's badge which is/was the Red Hand of Ulster. I wish you well for the re-union :thumright:
  10. and why the vomit??? A boring little toad like you should be honoured that any woman lets her near you - let alone touch her love muffin :bball:

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