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Generally once you complete & submit the form bearing the title: "Application to sit the Royal Navy Recruiting Test", you can expect a letter through the post inviting you to attend a careers office to sit the recruiting test.

The letter will detail the time and location (not always at the originating AFCO) what you need to bring to the test such as passport, birth certificate, NHS Number, NI Number card, educational certificates, marriage certificate (if applicable), deed poll (if applicable) and any other forms given to complete and return.

The test itself is a paper & pencil test & we provide both, so all you need bring is yourself & the documents listed.

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Shirley you have just laid yourself wide open to the supplementary question:

"What happens if I Pass/Fail?":slow::-D
I have my RT on Tuesday, i have misplaced my birth certificate in the last few days, wont be able to get my hands on a copy in time for the test. Will they still allow me to sit it if I have with the other documents, and just forward them the certified copy when I receive it?


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A payslip is ideal for NI number.

A full driving licence or passport can prove ID for the test or two supplementary forms of ID such as bank statement, utility bill, mobile phone bill, etc. which bears your name & address.


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When I got my letter for my RT date and time..there was a full list off everything I needed too take with. Don't the letter come with a list anymore??
guys i've got my recruitment test next week and my educational transcript isnt going to be ready in time for the test........will i still be allowed to sit the recruitment test?.........or will an older certificate do(GCSE one for example?)
You can sit the RT without your education Certs provided that you take the other proofs of ID with you. If you need specific qualification for the job you are trying to join then you will need to provide the Ed certs at a later point of processing.

If in doubt call your own CA


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