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Hello Everyone,

Havn't been on 'RumRation' for a while... Hope all you guys are doing well, read through some posts, and it seems that you are :p
Don't know if any of you will remeber some of my earlier posts.
So i'll quickly brief you...

I'm 19, live in london...
I've applied as a clearance diver, application got accepted, and im sitting the RT on the 10th of july.

What i was wondering, if you guys know any sites where i could print of similiar physcometric tests to the navy.. They've sent me out the test booklet, but i'd like to do a little bit more...

Any help would be greatfully appreciated,
Thanks a lot, Dean.

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Welcome back! I can't help you but I am sure others can. Stick a post in the 'fleet' section regarding this.


if you go to your local library, you can get a range of books to help you.
One main one is actually called 'How to pass psychometric tests'. Although not the actual ones that may be used for the RN test, the concepts are the same. Get the book and practice. The more you do the faster and easier it becomes.

Good luck on the day.


I've got the book 'physcometric testing' - done it :p

just thought i'd check out some more... thnxs for the help guys.


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