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For all those who missed it, the REAL field gun competition was held this weekend in Newcastle and was comfortably won by the chaps from Yorkshire!

The event was held on the "new" drill deck at HMS CALLIOPE on Saturday afternoon. Obviously the limited space available (and the wooden deck) meant that it would not be possible to use real field guns for the occasion so a suitable replacement had to be found. Step forward three Henry vacuum cleaners!

The three teams (EAGLET, CALLIOPE and CERES) lined up ready for the challenge ahead (after being suitably warmed up with the hokey cokey!!!), and off they went!

EAGLET went into an early lead with CALLIOPE hot on their heals, meanwhile the lads from gods county were still tying up their whippets, and reversing their flat caps. Finally they put down their tankards of Tetleys and started down the course, methodically assembling the "field gun" on their way. They quickly ate up the lead that the other teams had gained but it was on the "firing" (hoovering up a pile of sand) that the Yorkshire lads finally overtook them. EAGLET were trying to hot wire their Henry as opposed to plugging it in while CALLIOPE had just received the news that the new messiah had taking the magpies to a resounding 0 -2 defeat at the hands of Chelsea and were crying into their Newcastle Brown Ale calling for the return of Big Kev by the morning! It would appear that Shearer is not the messiah, he's just a very naughty boy :lol:

On the return leg the Yorkshire boys extended their lead, stripping the Henry faster than a scouser strips a Subaru in Toxteth, before crossing the finish line and proudly assuming the finishing position (standing/kneeling to attention) awaiting the judges marking.

I have the whole thing on video for anyone who’s interested!

What a great weekend. Good value training with lots of fun thrown in for good measure. Despite not getting in until 3am the phys with the booties 1st thing on Sunday morning was one of the highlights of the weekend in my opinion. I’m just glad I’d previously done the CLM task and was able to watch the other members of my team shaking like sh*tting dogs as the guys from the RMR took pleasure in thinking up new ways to inflict pain, all in the name of team building of course :D .

Good do ladies and gents. I hope to see you all at the Strensall weekend in June. (See PSI’s for further details) :thumbleft:
Good drills Trehorn. As we all know, a Henry vacuum cleaner is the most important item onboard one of Her Maj's sleek grey merchants of death.

BTW, can anybody remember the immediate action drill for a vacuum cleaner?

Ie, Hoover's working, Hoover stops working...


Lantern Swinger
The last time I needed to use Henry IA Drills was after DMEO decided to use HMS Brazen's Henry to "hoover" up my pint after a Cocktail Party in Naples - I think it was "switch ON/OFF button to OFF position", hence reducing the electrocution and fire risk!
Happy days!
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