The Real Diamond Lil's

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by imom1406, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. I recently went back to Plymouth (for the first time in many years). And i'm sorry if i seem a little melancholy, but i took a stroll down Union Street.......dear god , what has happened.

    No Boobs!, No Diamond Lil's.......I could cry at the state of a place that should have been protected as National Heritage site.

    And where has the Royal Marine School of Modern Dance gone???

    I loved Diamond Lil's...or the Last Resort as we come to know it as....

    excuse me it's a bit smokey in eyes seem to be watering!
  2. Union Strasse just isn't Union Strasse without Diamond Lils. Our watering hole used to be the Two Twigs - is that still there? What about the Groin Exchange down the Barbican?

    Some while ago on Sky I watched an episode of "The Hardest Pubs in Britain". The featured pub was the Avondale just opposite St Levens Gate. I had to laugh!
  3. I didn't notice the Trees, i was probably crying by then!! It looks a bit like it did when they bombed the church!!

    That was a sad sad day, sitting in the buffer's shack at drake :cry:
  5. The GX was apparently burnt down - seems to happen a lot in Plymouth!
  6. Did it not happen during Op Fresco (last firemans strike) and the Green Goddess crews could not put it out??

    Anyway it is all by the by

    Beasties in Pompey outshone Lils by a clear measured mile.
    *dons hard hat and awaits incomming flack from Guzz pointy heads*
  7. I was born in Pompey....and was drafted to Guzz...i have experienced both Beasties (sitting on the lap of a hairy moustacheiod booty sergeant in drag...him not me) and Lil's(sitting on the lap a woman who looked like a hairy moustacheiod booty sergeant in drag)

    And Lil' was far more classy!!!
  8. No, it was before that I think, actually not too sure I was hanging out my hoop or still drunk at the time.
  9. Diamond lils was a far superior shithole.
    Beasties was just a dark drinking hole.
  10. Yep it does happen a lot in Plymouth , it happened to the Royal Marine in Efford , the Brown Bear in Devonport , the Blue Monkey in Higher St Budeaux , and Mr Harrys rings a bell [not to sure though] only used to go there to spot the Lesbians before anyone gets the wrong idea , must be a couple of insurance jobs in there , :roll: :roll:
  11. Did'nt the chap who torched the Brown Bear get arrested/charged for it?
  12. :roll:
    He certainly did , not sure if it's been to court yet ,
  13. Wasn't the Brown Bear, the ruperts pub??

  14. Affirmative :roll:
  15. Can't blame a man for torching it then!!
  16. I suppose not , when you think of it , although it was in the 70s that it was a Ruperts pub , not sure about any later than that :cry:
  18. I left in'88 and it was still home to the wardroom and several young men of confused sexuality!
  19. And I thought you had a lovely pair.............

    oh you mean the Guzz night club............

    ooops sorry

    *crawls back into pint of John Smiths Smooth*
  20. The pile of grips in the corner by the entrance on a sunday night. The carpet and the wonderful specimens of plymouth womanhood behind the bar...I still think it along with Diamond Lil's should have become world heritage sites....

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