The RBL & Scouting for Girls at the Doncaster Race Day!


Hi all,

I wanted to let those who might be unaware know that on August 14th the Royal British Legion will be attending the Doncaster Race Day in its last major fundraising event before the Poppy Appeal.

The Racecourse is donating £2.50 to the Legion for every ticket sold. The ticket not only includes entry to the course, but an evening concert by Scouting for Girls. The Legion will be trooping the colour with a parade of standards before the first race and an army of volunteers will be roaming the course with collection buckets throughout the day.

In addition, to make the event a little bit more special, you can pay £75.00 to have a three-course Gala Lunch at the Racecourse’s Lazarus suite (including entry to the racecourse and the concert).

I would really appreciate it if people could help us spread the word about this event as it would be wonderful to raise as much awareness – and donations – for the Legion as much as possible, which will go towards supporting our current and ex Serving men and women.

Please visit this page to find out how you can attend:

Thank you! :)
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